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Fantastic Services to give free domestic cleaning services to NHS workers

Fantastic Services – one of the biggest home-maintenance companies in the UK – is showing their gratitude towards the brave front line key workers.

They are giving each NHS worker:

  • Two hours free home cleaning service
  • One year of Fantastic Club membership (worth £79) for free

From surgeons to catering staff, the nurses to the physios, the paramedics to the GPs – these selfless heroes battle adversity to help people who are at their most vulnerable.

Fantastic Services explained that they want to take away some of the burdens in the hard months ahead. A couple of days ago, they announced that all NHS employees can book a two-hour cleaning session for their home, safely provided by Fantastic Services’ professionals.

What are the benefits of the Fantastic Club?

This is a premium yearly membership that offers numerous discounts and benefits related to a range of more than 25 home-maintenance services.

For instance, Regular Domestic Cleaning will come at £13 per hour instead of £16.

But that’s not all.

Fantastic Services decided to lower this rate even more to only £11 per hour for the first three months of the membership so that NHS workers can be a little less busy and more well-rested while saving our country.

What’s more, the Fantastic Club comes with some pretty neat perks:

  • Welcome-20%-OFF for the first booking
  • 10% OFF all services
  • Exclusive seasonal deals
  • Real-time arrival tracker
  • Priority booking & case handling
  • Book with member benefits for any address
  • On-time arrival guarantee
  • Deals by partnering brands

In other news…

Fantastic Services is continuing to work on adapting their services to the situation and launching new ones. They believe that the best way to overcome a crisis is to think outside the box and come up with mutually beneficial solutions.

Since they wanted to do their part in reducing the spread of the Coronavirus, Fantastic Services recently launched an Antiviral Sanitisation Service and they’re about to develop more services that can help people and businesses survive the COVID-19 outbreak.

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