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Cleaning Franchises, what are the options & what’s available?

The demand for cleaning services continues to grow in the UK, and cleaning franchises are one of the best ways to get into the industry. There are several main types of cleaning franchise ranging from domestic to industrial level, and with much of the work being outsourced, the market is getting bigger for cleaning franchises in the UK.

The internet is also making a big difference, with cleaning companies able to reach out and connect with customers more easily.

Cleaning is also one of the most low-cost franchise opportunities, with usually very little specialist equipment needed. This means it is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to invest in a franchise who is willing to work hard but may not have a huge amount of initial funds.

The types of cleaning franchises

Things get dirty. That’s just the way of the world. Whether it’s from dust or as a result of heavy industry, floors, windows, equipment and more need regular cleaning. Then there is the health and safety aspect of it, with tougher regulations meaning all sorts of commercial and public organisations need to keep on top of their environment.

Here are just a few areas where cleaning franchises have been making a big impact:

Domestic cleaning – More and more families these days are cash rich but time poor. With both partners working around the clock, it can be hard to find the time to clean the house, which means there is a growing market for domestic cleaners. Building up a client base and doing a few hours in numerous locations each week can provide a surprisingly good income. However, if you are able to expand the franchise and take on staff to do the front-line work, then there is real potential to grow a successful business.

Commercial cleaning – Shops, pubs and restaurants all need cleaning on a daily basis. Commercial cleaning contracts can be very lucrative and there is opportunity to take on large enterprises across multiple locations. As well as everyday cleaning in commercial premises, there is also specialist cleaning, including healthcare and industrial environments. These franchises may involve a larger initial investment, as they require more heavy-duty machinery and specialist equipment.

Disaster restoration – Nobody likes to profit from the misfortune of others, but when the worst does happen, someone has to clean up the mess. So when floods and fires damage property, there is a need for restoration cleaners to move in and make the place as habitable as possible again.

Specialist cleaning – There are many cleaning franchises that specialise in cleaning only certain items. These include carpet cleaners, oven cleaners, window cleaners and more. With these franchises there will also be a certain amount of specialist equipment and training needed to ensure you are doing the best job possible for your clients.

Why choose a cleaning franchise over starting your own business?

There is undoubtedly a lot of work available in the world of cleaning. That’s because it constantly needs doing. Every day or week machinery and facilities need to be maintained, which means there is plenty of opportunity. But that is matched by the competition.

With a franchise, you get help and support so that the business is making money from day one. The franchisor will help you set up the franchise, offering training, sales support, customers and equipment so that you are ready to hit the ground running.

You won’t have to spend a huge amount on initial set up costs and the time you save in terms of promotion and finding an established client base could be invaluable to success. If you require a premises or physical location, they can even help set this up.

As with all franchises, you get access to branding and trademark materials, although you have to use these in an agreed way. There may be other stipulations in your contract around the geographical area you can work in, but these restrictions are more than compensated by the benefits of the franchise.

The costs of cleaning franchises do vary depending on what kind of area you want to get into. As you might expect, commercial cleaning franchises or specialist cleaning often cost more as there is a need for more expensive equipment. However, the returns are often greater too.

What you need to know about the franchise?

If you have decided that a cleaning franchise is the right option for you, it’s now time to think about what you need to know to make your choice of specific franchisor. Ask to see figures from the franchisor and then try to speak to individual franchisees. You need to establish whether the figures correlate and, if not, ask why this is the case.

It’s worth trying to talk to several current franchise owners and ask them how they have found the work, the customer base and the franchisor. You need to be sure you are the right fit for the franchise.

Discuss the length of contract and what kind of stipulations are in there regarding get-out clauses, resales and more. Ask about the length of lease on any property involved, and how royalty payments will work over time.

You should also find out what marketing and promotional support there will be both while setting up and on-going. You should also ask about the level of involvement in staff training and how this might change over time. Once all of the due diligence has been carried out, then it might be time to invest.

As one of the most popular kinds of cleaning franchise in the UK, there are multiple options open if it seems like a good fit for you. Cleaning is a growing market and one that is relatively stable over time. It’s also an area not affected as much by fluctuations in the economy, especially at a commercial level, as it is often seen as an indispensable service.

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