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Starting a Business through Cleaning Franchises

Some businesses started from a franchise and some of them gained success with the help of cleaning franchises. The cleaning industry is continuously growing due to the need of a clean and healthy environment. They offer various range of services and has been very efficient in providing their client’s cleanliness needs.

Tips before starting cleaning franchises

  • Determine your clients.

There are different types of this franchise. Some offers services to commercial places while some offers services for households. Some also provides services for all types of clients. Once you have determined your clients, it would be much easier for you to choose which company you would want to purchase the franchise that would cater the chosen client’s needs.

  • Determine the services offered.

Different companies offer different services available on their cleaning franchises once you have purchased a franchise. You should choose the company that offers all the services that you want to offer to your clients.

  • Consider the cost

Starting a business includes a lot of risk so we need to spend our money on something that would benefit us in the long run. The budget is a very important factor in choosing what franchise you might have. In some cases, it can limit the choices for the franchise. A person should be willing to spend on his/her business, but still consider the budget before even starting it.

  • Choose the perfect location

The location of the franchise should be in a place where people definitely needed. A brand being popular has no effect in places where people are not even interested in the services the franchise offers or in places where there will not be any people to avail of the services.

  • Promote

There are various ways on promoting a franchise. Even though a franchise often came from known companies, there is no guarantee that your franchise will be successful. The franchisor will only teach you the ways on how the cleaning franchises works, but they will not be the one running your franchise. They will only give you the privilege of working with them and using their company’s brand. Other than that, you are the one responsible for the success or failure of the franchise.

Why go for cleaning franchises?

  • Higher success rate

Since most companies that offer franchise have high credibility, the success rate of the business is bigger than starting your own cleaning business from scratch. Since they offer franchise, you know that the business really works and you might have the possibility of earning money if the said business is doing well.

  • Stability

This kind of franchise has stable market. The services offered by this franchise are needed all year round unlike those other franchises or businesses that are only seasonal. The demand for the services is consistent.

  • Easy to find employees

Most of the positions needed in this franchise do not require them to have formal education. They just need to be able to learn how things work and how to do their job properly. Some franchisers are also the ones responsible for training the workforce so it should be much of a problem.

  • Branding

One of the benefits from cleaning franchises is the brand. The companies that offer franchising have undergone struggles in getting their brand to have good reputation. They have taken good care of their company’s brand and logo for years and they are giving you the privilege of using it once you have decided to go for a franchise.

  • Start-up

Franchisors will help you in starting up the business. They do not only help you during the starting stages, but also while running it. Some franchisor will give you important items like the supplies, equipment and even trainings needed in starting the business. They would also help with the marketing strategies and management training.

  • All the materials needed are given.

A franchisor will give you the proper set-up, plan and marketing strategy that you can use in managing the franchise. They would also explain all the processes needed in order to have a successful franchise. All of the things that you will receive have been already proven effective and all you need to do is to properly integrate and implement it.


Most franchisors provide a program for formal training. It includes teaching you all about the operations, strategies and resources used. Some of them also provide an on-site training at the actual cleaning franchises site.

  • Support

Another good thing about this franchise<b> is that there is someone who can help you. Their support allows you to ask questions, you can tell them about your concerns and the support you need regarding business matters. This support will help you in finding a solution to whatever problem the franchise is experiencing. Some of them also have representatives that would assist you at your location.

Drawbacks of cleaning franchises

  • Rules and Regulations

The franchisor will give you certain privileges, but you need to follow certain rules and regulations given by them. You do not have full control in running the business. You cannot freely do everything that you want for the business. Since they are lending you their name and logo they have built for years, they want to make sure that you would not do anything to stain their reputation and ruin their image.

  • Cost

Purchasing cleaning franchises especially from the well-established and well-known companies is expensive. You need to pay for down payments, royalties and a percentage of the revenue to them. You are basically paying for everything that you receive. Additional fees might also be added.

  • It is a gamble

This drawback is specifically intended for those who are planning or purchasing a franchise from a not very well known company. The franchise that they offer might cost lesser than those from a reputable company but there is no assurance that the franchise will boom. Well, every business is a gamble.

No business has been successful without taking risks. Remember, you need to take risks in everything you do. Look at the brighter side and see all the benefits you could get from cleaning franchises.


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