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Childhood obesity and inactivity at an alarming high; kid’s fitness & nutrition franchise needed.

Only 32% of kids aged 6-17 meet minimum standards for cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, muscular strength, and endurance. With the rate of childhood obesity and Type II diabetes on the rise, and physical activity on a downward spiral, a nurse of 20 years, Carleen Varga, R.N., MSN is proud to introduce Illinois’ first health club JUST for Kids … “Fitwize 4 Kids.” The club is located at 140 C South Roselle Road, Schaumburg, IL.

Fitwize 4 Kids takes a unique approach towards fitness. It combines fitness and fun. Carleen’s mission is to empower the youth by increasing self- esteem, building a healthy lifestyle and implementing proper nutritional habits. The children who come to FitWize are encouraged to take ownership of their fitness and their lifestyles. Healthy, active kids have a much greater chance of becoming healthy, active adults.
Fitwize 4 Kids is truly unique — everything from the decor to the equipment was planned with kids in mind.

The equipment used is specifically designed for physiology of a child’s body (ages 6 1/2 to 15). This special equipment is used during a supervised, 45-minute, full-body, and circuit style workout. However, Fitwize doesn’t stop there. Monthly nutritional seminars, home-school PE education, kid’s night out programs, field trips, and birthday parties are offered as well.

Carleen Varga is an advanced practice nurse, who works part-time at Elgin Community College. In late 2003, she completed a study involving 150 3rd – 9th grade students within the Schaumburg, IL community. The BMI (body mass index) for each child within this study group was calculated and then re- calculated 3 years later. Of the 37 overweight students in 3rd grade, 35 remained overweight; and so did the 49 overweight in 6th grade, and there were 11 new at “risk” overweight students in 9th grade.”

“This study caused Varga great concern and prompted her to research places where children ages 6 1/2 – 15 years could receive the benefits of exercise and healthy lifestyle education while having fun. Varga is now the proud owner of Fitwize 4 Kids, Schaumburg and states, “My dream of helping children has come true.”

30% of all school aged children are at risk for heart disease and premature death as adults.
Since 1960 obesity has increased 54% in elementary school children and 39% in high school students.
25% of all school aged children are obese; there is a high likelihood that they will remain obese into adulthood.

Fitwize 4 Kids, Schaumburg, was opened in 2005 to provide fitness and nutrition to kids ages 6 1/2 – 15 in a fun environment. A franchise of corporate office Fitwize 4 Kids based in Novato, CA, it prides itself in helping the local community combat childhood obesity and inactivity.

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