Life after teaching: Why you should consider an educational franchise

It’s widely recognised that teaching is a tough profession, and 2020 has surely got to be one of the toughest years yet. If classroom sizes and under resourcing weren’t bad enough, in March 2020 teachers had to re-invent how they teach, grapple with technology and start delivering the National Curriculum ‘virtually’ and all within a very short space of time! It’s no surprise that as a teacher, you may be considering leaving the classroom behind you.

However, if you are thinking about a change of career, there’s every chance that you probably also want to find a new job where you still use some of your skills. After all, you trained hard to be a teacher, have valuable teaching experience and probably still enjoy some, if not all, aspects of what you do. And if that resonates with you, then a MagiKats educational franchise could be just what you’re looking for. Here’s why:

What is a MagiKats Educational Franchise?

As a MagiKats franchisee you run your own business providing workshop style private tuition to children from age four up to 16. The main subjects we teach are English and maths and, importantly, they’re taught in a manner that supports all the core skills and requirements of the National Curriculum.

As the franchise owner (Principal), you can employ mentors to help deliver the private tuition and manage the session, or do some of the teaching yourself. However, because it’s a franchise, we provide you with all the materials you need – from the basic teaching materials to the software, processes and marketing materials. In short, it’s like running your own business without all the worst bits of running your own business (such as being on your own, having to do everything yourself, etc.). It’s also like being a teacher without the worst bits of being a teacher!

Why you went into Teaching

There were probably a number of reasons you went into teaching in the first place. Working with youngsters and being able to inspire, making a real difference and bringing out the best in your students are likely to have been factors. You may also enjoy a challenge and being in charge of a classroom.

At MagiKats our franchisees have very similar motivation. Our franchise owners all enjoy teaching and helping the young in their community to fulfil their full potential. That may mean helping a child who is struggling to keep up or working with a bright child who needs challenging. But it inevitably means making a difference and being able to direct your help to where it is needed.

Why are you Leaving Classroom Teaching?

Once again, there are probably multiple reasons and we can take a guess at a few: unmanageably large classroom numbers and a lack of resources are common reasons. Stress, too much bureaucracy and target chasing are also common as is a desire to reclaim a working life balance after years of spending weekends catching up with marking.

At MagiKats, our workshop sizes are kept small and each student gets individual support. Your teaching target is all about helping each child be the best they can be rather than trying to cram them with what they need to know so that the exam results reflect well on the school. You’re also your own boss, so you set the pace and choose how many students you work with and how many mentors you take on to support you. In short, you can be as “back office” or as “hands on” as you choose. The MagiKats franchises are also designed to be flexible so you can fit your hours around your home life and your family, ensuring a good work life balance.

What are your Skills?

Apart from knowing your subject, as a teacher you have a whole host of skills that are essential for a MagiKats franchise. You are probably a natural leader and a great presenter. You also undoubtedly have good admin and organisational skills.

All these skills will come into their own as the owner of a MagiKats franchise. What’s more, as you’re responsible for running the business and leading the team, there’s an element of personal development as you develop and build on those skills and grow your business.

Get in touch to find out more

Of course, running your own business can seem challenging, but it’s also very rewarding and with our support, you’ll never feel out of your comfort zone or find yourself having to learn a skill from scratch without help.

So, if you love teaching but are thinking about a change, get in touch with MagiKats, and we can tell you more about what we do.