I just increased my newborn photography sales average by 461%!! And it was easier than thought!

BabyArt.Studio Franchise Partner Andrea explains what happened.

Andrea (Nana P to us) started her photography business 43 years ago . . . 43 years!

Tie dye outfits, leg warmers, neon colours and pedal pushers! Andrea has been through all the fads, trends and changes that life has to offer!

With Andreas passion for photography spanning over 4 decades, she’s seen it all! Having been a member of various photography organisations throughout her time, she found some amazing results with a few, however they were often short lived!

The biggest obstacle to overcome when having a separate organisation assist you with lead generation and bookings is how they generate their leads. Photography is hard work, especially newborn photography! A shoot can take up to 4 hours and although incredibly rewarding when you see the final result, even without editing and the set ups, it takes time!

With your window tight (as reshoots are impractical due to the rate a newborn grows) you need to focus, put in everything you have and ensure that they parents are delighted with the results! 

Getting a lot of bookings is fantastic, but with a low average order ( usually due to the customers booking via a super cheap voucher or offer ), you’re always playing catch up, and never fully rewarded for the time, effort and care that you put in.

That’s where Baby Art differ!

Not only do Baby Art provide training and support, but Co-founder Brendan and 2 other studios went to assist Andrea with her most recent makeover to transform her home studio into a sleek and professional Baby Art Studio!

The key part . . . with Baby Arts ongoing help and support, Andreas average order has gone up by 461% !! ”

BabyArt Studio

Baby Art provides a new way of looking after customers so they have a fantastic experience every time!

Andreas studio is now one of Baby Arts busiest, she currently does not work with any other photography organisations or have a membership anywhere else, because Baby Art have her covered!

Baby Art track their success on the success of every one of our studios, which is why we work with them to make sure they achieve their full potential!

Baby Art HQ take away the hard part ensuring photographer can focus on what they do best!

They provide:

  • Guarantee bookings – not through fads or vouchers!
  • Automated customer care system
  • Training on running a business, sales and photography hints and tips!
  • Support and guidance whenever needed
  • Newborn Safety Training

Baby Art allows you to run your studio, instead of your studio running you! When photographers can focus on taking incredible pictures and looking after their customer in studio, the results are incredible!

If your thinking of opening your own Newborn Photography Studio and think that a Baby Art studio would suit you, fill in our form and Hannah will be in contact to give you some more details on how to get started with us!

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