Building a theatre arts business

Deborah Laws is the Principal of Razzamataz Plymouth and combines 11 successful years of Razzamataz with running her own dance school, being a mum and a commitment to her own CPD.

Deborah LawsBackground

I am a dance studio owner, an ISTD examiner and a tutor for the ISTD teaching qualifications. I also run a dance business owners’ coaching business.

Why Razzamataz

I joined 11 years ago when I decided to add a performing arts business to my dance education services. I wanted to reach a broader range of children wishing to dance.

Transferable skills

I was lucky enough to come to Razz with more than 20 years’ experience before I started and therefore team management, business processes, relationship communications and many other aspects of running a dance industry business were already in place. I feel I was particularly able to draw from my previous management experience.


Technically Razz is only one day per week but that doesn’t include the day to day operations. However, the flexibility that Razzamataz offers means it fits in with my other businesses and I choose to employ people to help with certain aspects such as marketing, social media and admin.

Adding value

The business mentoring and help has been exceptional. No stone is unturned regarding training and support. Especially when times change so quickly for example GDPR and social media policies. This gives me peace of mind that my business is one step ahead.

What advice can you give

This is a very supportive network and when you need help you simply need to reach out and ask. Ensure you have the time to commit to your business, especially in the early days. As the business matures, you still need to have the same energy and enthusiasm as you had on day one because it is about giving your students the best opportunities possible.

Value and rewards

The ability to run the business knowing the legalities, processes, training and support are always there is really something that cannot be taken lightly. The rewards can be anything from a lovely email from a parent to watching your students perform on a West End stage.

Join our network

Do you have the desire needed to run your own theatre school? Speak to our friendly Head Office staff and find out how you can transfer your skills. To celebrate 20 years in business, we currently have a 50% off the franchise fee, first term management fee free PLUS we pay your VAT. Just quote PR2020.

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