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Children Franchises

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chlidren-franchises1Businesses related to children have always been popular including children franchises in the UK. This has to do with two major factors, the first being people like kids. The second factor is the margins in the children’s segment tend to be better than for the overall economy. There are a number of reasons for this, but smaller sizes, and fewer materials required to make goods and services for children tend to keep costs down and profits up for children franchises.

The range of businesses directed at parents with children, and in fact children themselves is mind boggling and extensive. This is because the whole market overall is a child sized version of the overall marketplace. If there is an adult version of a product or service, or a problem facing children to solve then a business probably exists. This diversity also means typical investment varies wildly depending on the nature of the business and its products and services. At the low end one can be started for a few hundred pounds, and at the high end a children related franchises business can cost a few hundred thousand pounds to start.

In terms of the overall market prospects, while people are generally having fewer children, it is because they want to spend more on them. This has led to an up marketing of services. The sector is also evergreen in that it is possible to build a repeat business that causes families to come back for generations.

Children Franchises UK – Key Market Opportunities

  • children-franchises2Educational Assistance – Tutoring and extra help for school have become increasingly popular with parents and students alike. This is a market that will only continue to grow as governments cut back overstuffing schools to the brink of collapse. Since no parent wants their child to fall behind, they are increasingly relying on extra education they can pay for to help get their child ahead in life. For a new entrepreneur a tutoring business is a great first business as it has a low cost of startup within the children franchises sector.
  • Party Organising – Parents are constantly increasing the amount of money they are spending on their children’s parties. Human nature means we want strive for the best, and have the best. The limits of our creativity however, require that sometimes we hire outside help to make sure our parties meet the grade. While party planners have been common for years at adult parties, it is becoming increasingly common for children’s parties as well. Being a party organiser in either a franchise or a stand alone is a low cost startup because the only cost is time and advertising.
  • Sports Coaching – It is no secret that not only does every kid wants to make the English premier league; their parents want them to as well. The only way this is going to happen is with extensive support and extra training. Free training included with school is not going to cut it. In terms of investment for this type of children franchises it is quite small, however the coach needs to be very passionate about the sport they are coaching, and have some degree of talent in the field.
  • Personalisation Businesses – There never has been a kid that did not like to see their own name in a book or on a T-shirt. Similar to the bear building children franchises that were all the rage ten years ago, these children franchises focus on producing personalised stories, t-shirts, and other products for children. The investment costs of these businesses are also somewhat low.
  • Baby Supplies – As far as children related franchises go, baby supplies businesses are a great option. Despite their higher capital investment cost to get started, they offer high returns by selling high value high margin products. The reality is when someone has a baby it has become custom for the extended family to overspend buying gifts for the newborn.
  • Fitness – The fitness centre trend now has several franchise opportunities for children. With the rates of childhood obesity rising, and the activity levels falling it has become harder to get children to exercise. Similar to an adult gym a mid level investment is required to get the business started. Unlike an adult gym more hands on supervision and structured programing is required, making the management more complicated.
  • Music Teaching – Private music lessons are one of the best ways to make money in the children business field. The reason for this is the low capital outlay to start them, and the barriers to entry, namely being able to play the instrument keep the prices per hour high.

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