Local Eats franchise recruits 3 new franchisees in 2 months using Franchise UK advertising!

Local Eats Franchise

Having been live on Franchise UK for just 2 months today, we were delighted to hear that Local Eats franchise have already recruited 3 franchisees from Franchise UK advertising, with 26 extra franchisees in total, – that’s 26 new franchise areas providing local customers with speedy food delivery services through their ground-breaking Local Eats app. There’s not just 1 Local Eats app, in fact every franchisee gets an app exclusively for their own area.

Local Eats are a food delivery service that started delivering food locally by using a sophisticated app to process orders. This franchise originally started small, as everyone does within their first few years of getting their brand out there, but now they have already recruited 3 new franchisees within a matter of months from Franchise UK leads, bringing their franchise total up to 35. This is a very impressive amount considering their time of advertisement and what they had from the beginning. We love stories like this at Franchise UK since we work as hard as we can to help smaller businesses become larger businesses, and this is exactly the path Local Eats are now on.

It is also great to hear that, despite the challenges faced by COVID-19 by local businesses and restaurants, Local Eats aren’t just surviving, but they are thriving and reaching heights that they many dream of achieving during these tough and challenging times. What’s more, this also shows how services such as those provided by Local Eats, are very much in soaring demand and will continue to be in demand year on year. With the old-fashioned ways of driving or walking to collect food becoming more outdated by the day, this is where businesses such as Local Eats really shine.

Scott, founder of Barrow Eats (Local Eats), commented:

“Great customer service & in less than 2 months we have recruited 3 new franchisees from our Franchise UK advertising!”

If you are interested in learning more about the Local Eats franchise for sale, why not visit their listing to find out more about the exciting franchise opportunity they provide.