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Food Delivery Franchises

The food delivery industry is huge in the UK, Since you may have heard of apps such as "just eat" and "deliveroo". But what if I told you that in the UK there are many small businesses who do food delivery services and there are even smaller franchises for sale in the UK for food deliveries.

What are the different types of food delivery franchises available in the UK?

This all varies, There is meals on wheels franchises more specifically centred around the elderly in the UK to just standard delivery franchises such as home cooked food deliveries and fast food delivery services. It all depends in which one you think would suit you the best.

Is the food delivery industry big in the UK?

Now I will share some statistics around the food delivery industry to show that if your franchise is run well you can achieve huge things in the food delivery industry in the UK.

Did you know?

  • In 2018 the food delivery industry was worth £8.1 billion in the UK alone.
  • The industry in 2018 worth £8.1 billion was up by 13.4% on its last year.
  • MCA predicts that the market will be worth £9.8 billion by 2021.

What do these statistics show for the food delivery industry in the UK?

Overall these statistics show sustainability for the food delivery industry, Because the number from 2017 increased by 13.4% to 2018, This shows the food delivery market in the UK is not just a sustainable business model the food delivery industry also has a huge customer base, Which as been proven by the stats listed above.

Why use Franchise UK to find franchise opportunities?

If you are thinking of using another online franchise directory to look for a food related franchise feel free, But now I will share what is special about our directory aside from other directories in the UK. Firstly we are the UK's largest franchise directory hosting over 1,000 franchise opportunities for sale in the whole of the UK. Secondly we have been going strong in the franchise advertising market since 2004. Thirdly we strongly believe we are the most cost effective franchise directory in the UK.

Thanks for reading.

Hopefully this article has helped anyone looking to buy a food delivery related franchise in the UK. Also if food delivery franchises are not your cup of tea, I recommend having a long look through our franchise directory for the reasons listed above to prove that Franchise UK is one of the best places to find online franchise opportunities in the UK.