Bio-Solutions Manufacturing, Inc. looks forward to Bio-Diesel venture.

Bio-Solutions Manufacturing, Inc. today announced its commencement of its new bio-diesel venture by combining the recently acquired Bio-Extraction Services, Inc., (provider of the technology for extracting oil and grease from food service facilities’ grease traps (interceptors) and municipal collection systems), with the proposed acquisition of Bioremediation Services, Inc. and its growing network of franchisees.

Franchisees‘ earnings in the past have been derived from services they provided to food service facilities for treatment of grease traps and drain lines and municipal sewer mains, lift stations, and treatment plants. The oil and grease waste derived from the commercial cooking establishments is divided into two categories: yellow and brown grease. There is typically twice as much brown grease per restaurant as yellow grease, and BSLM technology can handle both types.

It is intended that all existing franchisees will be required to upgrade their franchise agreement in order to participate in the Bio-Extractor program. With the addition of the Bio-Extractor, each grease trap and lift station can become a small individual oil well, with the potential to increase revenue to the franchisee and the Corporation with relatively little add-on costs. Bio Solutions intends to revamp its franchise agreement for all new franchisees allowing them to participate in this new bio-diesel feed stock extraction venture and this represents a significant potential increase in revenues for both Bio Solutions and its network of franchisees.

According to Michael Silverman, President of Bioremediation Services, Inc., “This represents a major opportunity for Bio Solutions — one that we believe can increase corporate and franchise revenues. The BioExtractor opens the door for franchisees to own and operate their own individual oil wells, extracting the oils and grease from food service facilities and municipal treatment facilities that can be used to produce bio-diesel and other value-added products. This is a great opportunity and I look forward to the expansion of our company in this field.”

According to U.S. government statistics, the combined potential in the United States for bio-diesel production is in excess of 1,650,000,000 (1.65 billion) gallons per year and growing rapidly. This production is potentially of major significance in accordance with President Bush’s plan to combat high gas prices. Bio-Solutions believes it can produce bio-diesel for less than $1.00 per gallon and is also entitled to receive a .50 per gallon tax credit for the refiner, according to President Bush’s Four Part Plan Program.

Bio Solutions corporate office anticipates hosting a major training session for new franchisees and recruits in September 2006.

Bio Solutions has developed superior microbiological products for waste bioremediation. Bio Solutions currently services many municipal collection systems and a growing number of food service facilities in the United States. The company‘s products have been approved by an ever-growing number of municipalities for use in food service facilities that produce waste products introduced into the municipal collection systems. Bio-Solutions’ products treat waste in an environmentally friendly and safe manner in compliance with Federal and State government standards.

Bio Solutions has also developed a line of environmentally friendly cleaning products that include an all purpose cleaner, carpet cleaners, concrete and asphalt cleaners, and floor soaps. With these lines of products, it is enabling Bio Solutions to broaden its customer base to residential areas as well as to businesses and municipalities.

Bio Solutions has acquired a unique patented grease extractor to be used in conjunction with bioremediation solutions to extract desired oil and grease to be converted into value-added products.

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