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Why buy a Asian food franchise?

This is a very basic question, But unfortunately many websites do not give the right guidance around buying a franchise in the UK. So this article is more targeted for any looking to buy an asian food franchise in the UK. But even if you are not interested in buying a franchise in the food sector but are a newbie to franchising. I would highly suggest you read this article since it could be beneficial for you starting your franchising journey, Whether you are a franchisee or franchisor.

Is franchising good for the UK?

This is a huge question around anyone looking to franchise or buy a franchise, Also this question has multiple answers, One from a statistic point of view and one from a basic point of view. Firstly answering is franchising good for the UK the short answer is yes. Now you may be asking why so I will quickly list some stats on how many people franchising helped in the UK last year.

Did you know?

  • Franchising provided over 700,000 jobs in the UK in 2019.
  • Franchising contributes to a huge amount of £17 billion to the UK economy each year.
  • Franchising has been known in previous years to raise millions for multiple different charities all across the UK.

What does this show for franchising?

This shows that franchising is constantly growing, I also see franchising of a good way of giving back. Because it is no doubt franchising if done right can make a business grow massively in the UK and sometimes even worldwide, But that also provides many jobs for normal working class people in need.

Facts around the asian food.

Now I will share some statistics around the asian food industry in the UK, Which show a huge customer base potential you have as a asian food franchise in the UK.

Did you know?

  • 94% of people in the UK have eaten a Chinese takeaway before.
  • The most popular Asian dish in the UK is sweet and sour chicken.
  • Chinese takeaways are the most popular in the UK beating Indian food takeaways by 60%
  • Did you know 52% of Chinese food consumers are in restaurants.

What do these stats show for the UK Asian food industry?

All these statistics show overall that the Asian food industry in the UK is booming. Not just from a money making perspective either it also shows a huge customer base for a Asian food shop in the UK. Since did you know only 30% of people make their own Chinese food at home from scratch and 70% of people order a takeaway or eat it in restaurants.

Thanks for reading.

Hopefully these statistics around the Asian food industry has helped anyone make their decision on running a Asian food franchise. Since it truly does show if run well it can be very profitable as a business model in the UK.