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Happy Retirement?

Asset Management The Key To Successful Retirement Planning The experts at St Joseph's Asset Management have created for Franchise-UK an exclusive series of articles containing useful information about Asset Management.With our modern lifestyles, often we are so busy dealing with day to day pressures we put off focusing on the future. One thing for certain is that eventually retirement will draw closer and the earlier you plan for this milestone the better.Many people choose to seek professional advice from a [...]

Franchise Tax: What You Need to Know

Franchise Tax: What You Need to Know Famous Einstein once share his thought about tax filing and say, ‘it is difficult for a mathematician. Probably it takes a philosopher to answer that’. Though he is not a franchisee, it is still surprising to see that many franchising folks are caught up with his idea and could share this opinion to others. Same as in franchise tax, like Einstein many people are still confused of how it works due to the [...]

What is a franchise agreement?

What is a franchise agreement? The mistake many new franchisors make is to assume a franchise lawyer will be able to have a chat, read a few emails and then interpret your long term business goals and how your business works which of course they will not.A franchise lawyer may well not be an entrepreneur and will certainly not know anything about your business so it is your responsibility to look at your business goal objectives in the context of [...]

What to Expect from a Franchise Deposit Agreement

Once you’ve decided on a Franchise, you may need to pay a deposit to secure a territory and this usually involves signing a deposit agreement.This is not to be confused with the actual Franchise agreement, which is completed later on, but is another more serious step towards the final commitment of becoming a Franchisee. At this point in the process there is often additional information disclosed that wouldn’t be available at the earlier stages like at a Discovery Day [...]

New Aussie Franchise Disclosure Laws?

The Australian Associated Press reports that franchise owners may have to give more warnings to prospective franchisees, after the government announced a review of the franchising code of conduct. Small Business Minister Fran Bailey said the government would review the disclosures section of the code, which relates to the information franchisers must disclose to prospective franchisees.She said there had been concerns raised in recent months about the adequacy of the disclosure provisions."Most people in the franchising sector do the right [...]


It’s the time of year for spring showers, but at Birkett Long it’s raining franchise lawyers with further increases to the firm’s legally qualified staff. Annie Luckin and Emma Hopkins are two new solicitors who have recently joined the commercial property team.Annie Luckin has a joint honours degree in Agri-Business Management and marketing and worked in commercial litigation whilst living in Sydney, Australia. Returning home to undertake a post graduate diploma in law and a Legal Practice course, Annie went [...]