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What are the top trending franchises?

Making sure you build a successful business means focusing on the coolest new sectors, and what’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out’ in the marketplace. So, if you’ve discovered the advantages of franchising, you may be wondering what are the top trending franchises?

This article explores options that meet the needs of modern consumers and business decision-makers, and which help you to benefit from the success of some of the most popular franchise models.

Technology franchises are hot prospects

A great example of an upwardly trending franchise is anything to do with technology. The pandemic made us all far more reliant on our laptops, tablets and phones, including helping us make online purchases, learn or entertain ourselves.

Logically, this means that IT-related franchise opportunities are on the up.

There are a lot of franchisors who help consumers or businesses to buy, improve or maintain their devices, or which support a network of start-ups helping customers find and use the best software for their needs.

Browse computer franchises for sale.

Education franchising is on the up

As people are sensitive to the way their children have missed out on school time and access to teachers in the last couple of years, education franchises are also trending upwards.

This can range from teaching curriculum topics online to helping people to develop new skills with e-learning franchises.

These are also super cool business start-up choices for anyone who wants to work from their own home, as well as being a franchise that you can fit around being a parent.

Browse education franchises for sale.

Home based beauty and healthcare franchises

The rise of social media influencers offering ‘how to’ videos online is one of the key reasons that beauty products and treatments fall into the category of trendiest franchises.

People are also more health-conscious than ever before and want to invest in keeping their bodies and mental health in better condition.

So, getting health products delivered to your door is a key market trend. A product supply franchise could put you firmly on the crest of this wave, including anything from home gym equipment to nutritional supplements, or even mobility aids for older customers.

As the world of medical devices and aids expands – due to advances in research and technology – you can also expect to see growing opportunities for medical-related franchises too.

Browse home based franchises for sale.

Food is always in fashion

Deciding what are the trendiest franchises means thinking about what Millenials look for most in local businesses. This makes food franchises a safe bet for startups, as the food industry is ever-popular. Why not consider a world cuisine restaurant franchise, or an opportunity to work with some of the newer food businesses offering franchise deals?

There are now even franchises that offer online cookery classes, or which deliver meal kits or readymade dishes direct to customer’s homes.

From takeaway franchises to restaurant franchises, browse all food franchises and catering franchises for sale.

Staff shortages boost HR-related franchises

If you look at global statistics for the fastest growing business sectors, HR and recruitment come top the list.

This is partly due to the speed at which companies having to embrace modern technology.

Also, it’s logical when you consider how disrupted national workforces have been in recent times, such as shortfalls in sectors such as STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths), hospitality and the transport industry.

This certainly makes HR and recruitment franchises a hot prospect to help employers plug gaps and get their workforce onboarded and well trained for the challenges ahead.

Incidentally, as employers have so much to tackle at the moment, there’s also a trend to outsource more business support. As a result, investing in a business to business (B2B) or consultancy franchise could prove highly lucrative. Even low-cost franchises in courier-related services are worth considering, as more companies seek to streamline and speed up their operations and product deliveries.

People love their pets!

Another of the trendiest franchise opportunities is anything related to pets, from van-based franchises that supply food and accessories, to dog walking, mobile grooming and pet care franchises.

Insiders have estimated that global spending on pets will be around $358.62 billion by 2027. Need we say more?

Browse pet franchises in the UK.

What are the trendiest franchises in your eyes?

One of the most important things you need to consider when starting a franchise is not just what products and services are currently in demand, or which franchises result in high profits and offer the best chance of sustained success. It is crucial to consider which option utilises your existing skills and experience best, and what you would enjoy doing.

The ‘trendiest’ franchise might be the self-employment opportunity that gets you excited, ambitious and hungry to work alongside your parent company.

Browse our leading franchise directory to see which option you think is trending upwards, and start reaping the rewards of running your own franchise.

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