What are the best franchises to invest in?

If you are considering setting up your own business via franchising then you are probably asking yourself, what are the best franchises to invest in?

You need to consider many factors when you consider which franchise is the best to buy for you including;

  • How much do you need to start a franchise? – Many new franchisees really go wrong here and put themselves under too much financial pressure. The reasons for this are either they look at the franchise initial fee and do not carry out thorough due diligence on all ongoing costs as they grow the business. Another common mistake is they really understand the finances of launching their franchise but do not allow enough funds to tide themselves over financial to pay the usual daily expenses, mortgage, bills etc. So when you are considering a franchise you must know all the costs of the franchise and also cover all personal expenses until the business can make a profit and pay you a salary.
  • What are you skills? – Franchises are a great way to change career direction but you also need to consider the skills you have. For example if you hate selling it would be pointless considering a B2B franchise that requires you to go out and sell. If you were awful with numbers and spreadsheet a financial or accounting franchise would probably also be out of the question.
  • What are you passionate about? – People are good at what they like, if you really love what you do at work and can’t wait to get to work the chances are you are going to be good at it. The same applies when considering a franchise, you need to find something you really enjoy and will love doing as your franchise agreement will be a minimum of 5 years usually
  • Market trends, the latest franchises – Pros and Cons here when you are considering the latest franchises for sale. The Pros are it could be the latest trend and fast growing sector, you may pick up the franchise at a great price & get the area you want. The Cons are it could be a flash in the pan or 10 more similar businesses set-up to capitalise on the trend and reduce the profitability of the business.

So to summarise the best franchises to invest in would depend on how you would answer the above questions but as with any business investment you should also seek professional advice.

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