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Taking it slowly by dipping your toe into the franchise pool

A lot of people share a common dream. They fantasise about starting their businesses and being their own bosses. Some people are naturals when it comes to doing their own thing. They have confidence in their ability and they are sure enough of themselves to throw their conventional employment in and jump straight into launching and running their own businesses.

Other people are a little warier. After all, giving up your sole source of income and starting anew on your own is a huge gamble. For many, it’s a step too far. They have rents and mortgages to pay and others who depend on them. They don’t think they can afford to take the chance. Or can they?

Suck it and see

If you have a strong urge to try running your own business, why not try it a bit at a time? Who says you have to go all-in at once? You can always keep your conventional job and start-up an online business on the side.

If you are in full-time employment, it’s unwise to try to do your own thing on your employer’s time. That could get you sacked. You should do it on your own time. But launching a start-up business is a time-consuming affair. You have to do in-depth research into the market you propose to enter. You have to register the business, design a website and set up your business model.

It all takes time. It’s time you might not have if you have a family to look after or other commitments to maintain. You can, of course, buy an online store. The templates are already made up. However, it is a very competitive marketplace. You will be just one of many all vying for the same slice of pie. You will be far better off by seeking UK franchises in a less competitive niche.

Run a franchise at your own speed

A franchise is a copy of an existing business model. In other words, all of the hard work of setting the model up has already been done. You are, in effect, getting a business that is ready to go. Yes, you have to pay for a franchise, but much you pay depends on the franchise you buy. There are franchises to suit all wallet sizes.

Once you have your franchise, it is entirely up to you how much time you devote to it. So, you can start small. Build your business up steadily, and when you are ready, you can ditch the conventional job and devote all your time to your new business – or not as the case may be.

To find out more about joining a UK franchise, and to see what is available, take a look around the UK franchises directory . You’ll find answers to all the questions you have.

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