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This year has been one to remember – unfortunately, for the majority of us, not for the best reasons. In addition to the destruction of existing norms and social structures, millions of people have been forced into unemployment. Widespread closures of businesses that were unable to survive the lockdown have caused many to have to make big changes.

However, with destruction comes rebirth. With the rise of remote working and growing trend of work from home franchises, many are embracing flexible working opportunities.

Franchising as a way forward

Many of us dream of owning our own business and doing things on our own terms. Fancy a day off? Why not? Being your own boss frees you from the 9-5 that can sometimes feel like a life sentence. In today’s uncertain landscape, zero-hours contracts and employers dodging their responsibilities with legal loopholes are becoming far too common. Many people who have had enough are turning to a new way of thinking and embracing franchising as a solution.

Elimination of uncertainty

Unlike launching your own business from scratch, buying a franchise means buying into an established business model that’s already proved its ability to be successful and turn over a profit. There are already set structures and patterns in place and as most franchises have been around for a while, the uncertainty and guesswork is taken out of the equation. New franchisees receive training, in addition to materials and anything else that’s needed to get in on a piece of the action. Here on FranchiseUK we only list the very best franchise opportunities.

3 franchises that are attractive for 2020

Fantastic Services

Cleaning is big news in 2020 for obvious reasons. New legislation put in place and increased sanitation and hygiene concerns meaning the need for professional cleaning solutions has never been higher.

Fantastic Services is a cleaning management franchise opportunity with full training and ongoing support offered to all new franchisees. But not only that, Fantastic Services provide a huge range of other management services, including Gardening, Home Improvement and more. It can be taken on as a full-time commitment or as a part-time business, alongside existing work and family commitments. Part-time franchises are a great option for those with young children who need to be there to pick their kids up from school or nursery.

Fantastic Services prides itself on offering high-end professional services for clients. The security and care of client property always comes first. For that reason, they give great attention to detail in who they employ and in all that they do. One of the ways they achieve this is by providing working conditions and pay rates that allow them to find and keep the best staff in the trade.

Find out more about the Fantastic Services franchise.

Tutortoo Franchise

Social distancing and restrictions on the number of people that can be inside public spaces have wreaked havoc on the education system. Home learning and online teaching has never been more in demand and is a great area to consider if you are in the market for a franchise.

The Tutortoo Franchise prides itself on being a business this exists to help every child excel. The owners will enable you to provide a mix of private tuition, courses, workshops and clubs covering all subjects for your local community. With Tutortoo, you benefit from ongoing demand and multiple income streams that deliver significant earning potential combined with an enviable work-life balance.

Tutortoo has an attractive low investment of just £15,000 to get things started. Based on research, it is estimated that in the first year a franchise can put in £15,000 and take out £24,000 by the end of it!

And the earning potential huge with the chance to make in excess of £100,000 each year from the third year onwards. The business is still young but has been successfully trading for three years now and has had time to develop a successful and easy to replicate framework and model.

Find out more about the Tutortoo Franchise.

Techclean Franchise

Techclean Hygiene is another cleaning franchise that’s making waves in 2020. This time, the focus is on workspaces and tech equipment, such as computers and office infrastructure. With UK businesses recently re-opening after the UK lockdown, it’s clear to see where the demand will come from for this great opportunity.

Techclean started trading in 1983 and have become the UK’s leading specialists in system hygiene.

Cleaning data centres and workstations requires expert knowledge and they offer an extensive range of system cleaning solutions to a wide range of clients, from Government and FTSE 100 businesses to local startups, charities, schools and even medical establishments, amongst others.

Find out more about the Techclean franchise.

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