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How to capitalise on the upcoming staycation boom

Due to COVID-19, many families and individuals around the UK have had to deal with the stress and upset of having their holidays abroad cancelled. As the world continues to deal with the uncertainty of the pandemic, many people are looking for staycations in the UK, rather than trying to organise a holiday abroad which may be difficult or impossible. Here are the top franchises that will help you to capitalise on the upcoming staycation trend.

Hotel Franchises

There will soon be a great demand for hotels in the UK, as families and individuals will want to experience a new environment while remaining in the UK. Opening a hotel franchise is a great way to capitalise on this demand. You can choose whether to open a budget franchise, that caters to all, or an up-market hotel franchise, for people looking for a luxurious holiday in the UK.

Bars and Restaurant Franchises

As more people remain in the UK during holiday seasons, they will be looking for more ways to treat themselves and have new experiences. For this reason, bars and restaurants are expected to see a significant boom in sales. Opening a dessert bar or tea room franchise, for example, is a great way to create a holiday-inspired experience for families and individuals vacationing in the UK.

Sports and Leisure Franchises

Many people used to holidays abroad will miss the pool and leisure facilities available at hotels and villas abroad. For this reason, there will be an increase in swimming lessons and other leisure-related services as families in the UK try to re-create a holiday abroad. For example, individuals who regularly go on golfing holidays abroad will be looking for new courses to fulfil their love of the sport. Browse leisure and entertainment franchises at Franchise UK.

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