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To ensure that your Franchisees run their businesses without making expensive mistakes that can threaten their business and your reputation, an increasing number of Franchisors are partnering with The Forum of Private Business for help providing support for franchisees. They provide the most comprehensive legal support and insured protection to Franchisees on all areas of compliance, and with many other money saving advantages on every day business essentials.

The Forum of Private Business was formed nearly 40 years ago as a Not-for-Profit organisation to protect and to promote the interests of small and medium sized businesses. Today it has thousands of member businesses spanning every industry, trade and profession who trust them to provide the knowhow and support. This is so important with ever changing Legislation and Regulation.

The Forum recognise that Franchisors provide the very best support to their Franchisees to ensure their success with their business model. However, very often their support does not extend to the issues of business compliance, which all businesses are expected to be conversant with. Laws and regulations on issues such as Health and safety – Employment – Taxation and Environment. Covering both the business and the principals. The Forum provide to all members a 24/7 Compliance and Legal Advice Helpline staffed by qualified professionals, backed up by an Insured Legal costs cover which includes Health and Safety, Employment tribunals, Business associated Criminal Prosecutions, contracts disputes, licence defence, Directors and officers cover and much more.

As a member templates are available online for employment contracts and supplementary HR documentation, health and safety etc. Extensive manuals both for Employment and Health and safety policy are available.

The Forum also used their strong buying power to arrange discounts on every day business essentials. From running your vehicle with vehicle fuel costs, to utility charges and credit card merchant fees and more. This is just one of many examples available from the Forum on how a member saved money

Case Study

A Franchise member in West Sussex running a fleet of 12 Diesel vehicles is now saving nearly £6000 per year on diesel fuel through his membership to the Forum of Private Business.

This is just one of the ways your franchisees save money and improve profit.

There are two ways in which Franchisors can partner with the Forum. The first is the most popular and economic, where a Franchisor will cover all Franchisees under a block agreement and cross charge within management fees. The second is where the Franchisors will recommend their Franchisees to join independently. Costs can vary but can start as low as £150 plus VAT per annum for a Franchisee with no employees. The Forum can provide you with a quotation to suit your needs and requirement.

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