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Franchise UK’s Featured Franchises

Browse the best franchises for sale in the UK today, Using Franchise UK which is the UK’s largest franchise directory offering over 1,000 franchises for sale across the whole of the UK.

What is Franchise UK?

Franchise UK was established in 2004 and is still going strong in the franchise advertising market 16 years later with new franchise listings being added regularly offering you a huge variety of different business opportunities in the UK.

Types of franchises we offer at Franchise UK

There are many franchises offered to you on Franchise UK covering multiple industries such as: care franchises, education franchises , property franchises and many more. At Franchise UK we think it is very important to offer a huge variety so there is something for everyone starting their own business adventures.

How is advertising at Franchise UK?

Also Franchise UK are amazing for any franchise looking to advertise there business in the UK markets. Did you know? In the last 12 months we have generated 22,000 franchise recruitment leads for our advertisers.

We also offer great opportunities for anyone looking to advertise their franchise in the UK since at Franchise UK we believe we are the most competitively priced franchise portal in the UK.

What franchising advice we offer?

If you are also new to franchising and are in need of advice before making your decision to buy one of our franchises, We also offer a free blog including franchising advice to help anyone new to franchising and needs some extra guidance before making their investments.

We will also now list some facts around franchising in the UK to show how good it is for our economy each year.

Statistics around franchising :

  • Franchising has provided over 700,000 jobs in the UK alone.
  • Every year franchising raises millions for its chosen charities.
  • Franchising also contributes to a staggering amount of £17 billion to the UK economy annually.

So overall this shows why franchising does truly help our economy in the UK. It also helps normal working class people looking for a new job or business related opportunity which is amazing since it helps normal working class people a shot to run their own business for the first time.

So what are you waiting for? Why not have a look around Franchise UK today to find the franchise opportunity you have been looking for. Also if you are a business in the UK looking to Franchise I highly recommend giving us a call to become a premium advertiser and advertise your business opportunity on Franchise UK today.