Optic-KleerOptic-Kleer achieves 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction Status

With hundreds of franchisors all shouting about how good their training and support is, it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd and hard for prospective franchisees to identify the best franchise opportunities.

WorkBuzz already recognises exceptional franchisors through the Best Franchise Awards, the 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction builds on this, helping to differentiate outstanding franchisors.

How it works:

WorkBuzz invite existing franchisees to complete their confidential online Franchise Satisfaction Benchmark survey. They guarantee that franchisees’ responses will be confidential, so they can provide honest feedback. On average 79% of franchisees complete the survey.

They then use this feedback to help franchisors to benchmark their training and support against other franchisors, identify key priorities and, over time, strengthen their relationships with franchisees and their support package.

What WorkBuzz measure to award 5 Star Franchise Satisfaction status:

  • Training and Support – The training, mentoring and support that helps franchisees to establish, maintain and grow their businesses
  • Franchise System – The competitiveness of the products / services and proven business model
  • Culture & Relationships – The culture and ongoing relationships with franchisees
  • Leadership – Franchisor’s leadership and maintenance of franchise system standards
  • Overall Satisfaction – How it’s compared to franchisees’ expectations and whether they would recommend the franchise


So what did the Optic-Kleer franchisees, who took part in the survey, feel were the best things about their franchise?

  • A great brand
  • All necessary equipment provided
  • Back up and support from head office, with total commitment to improve the brand.
  • Be my own boss. Work life balance
  • Being appreciated for doing an excellent job.
  • Choosing the hours you want to work.
  • Computer system in place
  • Control my own time / destiny
  • Customers come to me, I don’t have to hard sell
  • Earning a very good living in a stress free environment without working crazy hours
  • Easy to contact & effective communication
  • Enables you as an individual the freedom to manage sales/marketing in the way you wish.
  • Established company where everyone is friendly and approachable
  • Freedom to choose hours of working to enable work/life balance
  • Freedom to plan your own work/life balance
  • Full control
  • Good earning potentials
  • Good support
  • Great customer Feedback and satisfaction

About the Franchise Satisfaction Benchmark (FSB)

The FSB is provided by WorkBuzz, a leading independent franchise consultancy. It works by inviting existing franchisees to participate in an anonymous online survey which asks them 31 questions about their franchise ownership experience. Using a consistent methodology, the franchise is assigned an overall FSB score and the highest performing franchisors are recognised in the Best Franchise Awards. For more information please visit bestfranchiseawards.co.uk

About Optic-Kleer:

Optic-Kleer was established 30 years ago; it is a low investment, low-overhead franchise opportunity has a high ROI with serious scope for growth.

Optic-Kleer has agreements in place with major supermarket chains as well as other key retailers such as DIY stores. This gives you a wide range of high-footfall car park locations in which to set up your mobile repair unit. You’re given the tools and training to fix a windscreen in around 20 minutes. You repair customers’ windscreens whilst they shop – the ultimate convenience!

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