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Franchisee, Glenn Bowker of Screen Rescue Birmingham is flying high!

Just three weeks into running Screen Rescue Birmingham, we catch up with new franchisee Glenn Bowker who was launched in territory by franchisor, Jaime Hilario only six days after the country’s new PM was officially appointed by King Charles III.

In the wake of a tough UK Autumn budget, we find out how Glenn’s new franchise business is doing. 

Q1. It’s the end of week three in business, and with a new PM running the country and a challenging Autumn budget now revealed, how is everything going?

GB: It’s all going very well indeed; it’s certainly exceeded my expectations. A significant number of potential customers have been very pleased to see me when I explained the type of windscreen and glass repair services Screen Rescue are able to provide, which always gives a warm feeling and reinforces that I have made a good decision.

Q2. How easily were you able to follow the Screen Rescue operation processes?

GB: Very easily. Across the written manuals, initial training and the on-site support provided by Jaime, the franchisor the processes were simple and easy to understand, this has helped my business hit the ground running meaning new customers were signed and invoices were raised very quickly.

Q3. When did you open your first account and how many new accounts have you opened now?

GB: The first new account was opened on my second day. At the end of week three, I have signed up 17 new clients with a further 7 in next week’s pipeline and more initial fleet checks over the next fortnight.

Q4. Which Commercial Automotive Sectors are you finding most busy?

GB: To be honest there has been interest right across the board from car dealerships and HGV operators through to buses and coach depots. So far it would be hard to differentiate which is the busiest sector.

Q5. What are the type of repairs have you carried out?

GB: They’ve been a mix of windscreen chips, windscreen cracks, headlight polishing and front and rear windscreen glass scratch removal & polish, so pretty much the complete range of repairs Screen Rescue offer. It’s interesting as you find every damage is slightly different, which makes for a varied day too. 

Q6. Why do you think you’ve enjoyed such a great start?

GB: I think there is definitely a niche in the market in Birmingham for a proactive, professional windscreen repair operation. When you are able to offer stone chip, crack and glass scratch repairs on a proactive fleet check basis this clearly differentiates you from other local and nationally based ‘reactive’ windscreen repair and replacement companies.

Q7. Is Screen Rescue’s advanced repair systems as good as they claim?

GB: Definitely. The stone chip repair system gives results far superior to the repairs I have witnessed this week that have been completed by other competitors’ systems in the market. If you then add in the amazing glass scratch removal & polish process and system, it gives a set of repair solutions which are second to none.

Q8. How have you found the franchisor’s frontline and back-office support during these first few weeks? 

GB: From a front office perspective, the field support provided by franchisor, Jaime on both the sales and technical side has been excellent, we have formed quite the partnership over the last three weeks. 

On the back-office side every process has been performed quickly and efficiently from starting the local marketing campaigns, to credit checking new clients right through to setting up my new accounts, then invoicing and emailing them all the required documentation. I could not have asked for more support.

Q9. Where are you against your business plan?

GB: After only 16 working days in the month, I smashed my business plan target and now have achieved 143.5% of my total revenue target for month one, with further revenue already in the pipeline from upcoming repeat business customers. We still have nine working days left to go this month, so these numbers are very encouraging.

Q10. What is the advice you’d give to anyone considering investing in a Screen Rescue franchise?

GB: I’d say do your due diligence and market research in the postcode territory you are considering and if these numbers look promising then definitely give it a go. Your future is out there if you grab it with both hands and you are willing to work hard to make the business a success no matter what goes on at No10!

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a Screen Rescue franchisee just like Glenn Bowker, then get in touch with the franchise team by making an enquiry.

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