New car franchising options.

People with a passion for cars have a range of options available to them when it comes to running an automotive franchise and one of these is in the area of automotive repairs.

Although vehicles may be becoming safer in terms of driver impact in an accident, human nature dictates that there will always be accidents where repairs are needed. In addition, there are still millions of mechanical breakdowns to get sorted.

Therefore the market for car repairs, whether superficial or major, is very lucrative. According to the Automobile Service Association, total sales for general mechanical repair facilities in the US in 2005 was around $36 billion, reaching almost $50 billion if specialty repair facilities, oil change depots and transmission shops are included.

Automotive repair franchises fall broadly into two categories. One is the mobile repair franchise, which fixes minor mechanical problems or more superficial damage, as many people like their cars to look perfect.

These are usually run by mobile mechanics in vans who are based at home or in an office. The main bulk of the work is based around fixing engine troubles and small repairs to areas such as paintwork, plastic bumpers, windscreens, alloy wheels and car body scratches, chips and minor dents. The attraction to the customer is that their car can stay at home and the cost of these services is usually lower than it would be if the same repairs were carried out at a typical body shop.

Some of these franchises specialise in a certain area, for example windscreen replacement. The other type of franchise is a garage-based facility, which covers serious damage and repairs to parts of the car found under the bonnet such as the gear system, the brake, the horn and the clutch. These franchises will usually have spare parts to install if necessary.

With this franchise, some mechanical experience is likely to be necessary, but with mobile franchises, people do not need to have worked in the automotive industry before, although it is important they have a good understanding of cars and the engine to gain respect with customers.

Franchisers will help franchisees on this aspect by providing training on how to carry out the repairs effectively and information about how cars work if necessary. Going to a franchise instead of starting out independently is a big advantage in this industry, as most of the repair equipment will be provided by the franchiser. However, the amount and costs can vary so franchisees should look into this before choosing a franchise.

In addition, a recognised brand name will help franchisees to attract staff of the right quality needed to run a successful operation, as people will already know what the company has to offer.

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