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Catering Franchises & Food Franchises – Franchise UK Review

Catering and Food Franchises Britain prides itself on its love of good food. Whether Britons are celebrating, commiserating or relaxing, good food and drink will be an inevitable part of the experience. As such there are lots of exciting food and catering franchise opportunities to choose from across the UK.  The food and catering industry lends itself particularly well to franchising. Franchising is the reason many fast food restaurants have prospered because they are able to divide the challenge of [...]

New partnership with Microsoft to drive free leads for franchisors & franchisee networks

Franchise UK are delighted to announce a new partnership with Microsoft to help franchisors and franchisee's drive more cost effective recruitment and core business leads. The partnership entitles all Franchise UK advertisers to claim free Bing ads coupons to drive free traffic & leads via the Bing paid search engine. Bing ads market share has seen in increase in the UK and Bing ads now has a market share of 25.5% of all UK searches, a total of 939 million [...]

Accountancy & Financial Franchises – Franchise UK Review

Accountancy and Financial Franchises Accountancy and financial franchises are an increasingly popular choice for many franchise seekers and the UK is at the top of the global financial services sector. The franchises available in the financial and accountancy industries are diverse, meaning that there are plenty of options available. You don’t have to have specialised degrees or certifications as some of the available franchises just require you to have the ability to sell products and services. Regardless of which scenario [...]

Automotive Franchise Businesses Reviews

Automotive Franchises There are so many interesting opportunities in the automotive franchise sector. It’s not just a matter of selling or hiring vehicles, you could be getting hands on with repairing vehicles or even offer niche services like rust proofing One of the best things about entering into the automotive franchise industry is that you do not need to have a huge amount of capital to get going. In fact, there are plenty of opportunities where you will not need [...]

Business meeting

Business Advice Franchises Review

Business Advice Franchises If you have a head for business then this could be the opportunity for you. There are so many different types of business advice franchises that there is something for everyone regardless of their experience or investment capital sum. If you like helping people and are able to speak to people of all backgrounds then this could be a good option for you. This is a growing industry which is only due to expand further given the [...]

childrens educational franchise

Childrens Franchises – Top Children Franchises Review

Childrens Franchise Opportunities Review This has always been a popular business opportunity in the UK. People are happy to splash their cash when it comes to their children, whether it’s their son’s or daughter’s birthday party or whether their child needs some extra assistance to get them up to scratch in their schoolwork. One of the main advantages of entering into a child related franchise opportunity is that they generally require fewer materials, which helps to keep the overheads down, [...]

Free franchise advertising, franchisee lead generation & SEO launches

Free franchise advertising, lead generation & SEO for franchise businesses We know being found amongst the billions of websites on the internet can be a tough task for franchise businesses A great way to increase traffic, boost your search rankings and to generate leads is by listing on free business listings sites. The problem with most sites however is that they are national sites so again you end up in a position where by to get any real advertising exposure and chance of [...]

Start Up Edge launches digital marketing services to franchisors & franchisees with AFA Partnership

Start Up Edge is delighted to announce it's partnership with the Approved Franchise Association ( AFA ).  The AFA, founded in 2012 is a fast growing UK based franchise association providing help and advice to existing and new franchisors and people interested in seeking self employment via franchising. Claire Robinson has been a member of the AFA’s board since its inception in 2012 and was named Chief Executive Officer in March 2015. She is also the Managing Director of Extra [...]

Digital marketing franchise launch

Start Up Edge, a new digital marketing business opportunity has launch today in the UK. The company is the creation of Joel Bissitt, entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. The business provides digital marketing a direct marketing solutions specifically for start up and small businesses and includes services such as; Databases & sales leads SMS marketing Email marketing Website design Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) Pay Per Click ( PPC - Paid search on search engines such as Google [...]

Benefits of a Franchise Discovery Day

Making that final decision on a Franchise can be a difficult time filled with anxious questions and what if’s, particularly if there’s more than one on your short list. There’s only so much reading and research you can do in weighing up your options before you feel like you’re going round in circles. So the next best thing is to consider attending a Discovery Day. Usually a Discovery Day is an informal morning or afternoon you spend with the Franchisor. It’s the [...]


What Reports Should You Be Getting From Your Bookkeeper?

Why You Should Employ A Good Bookkeeper Last time I said that you should always make sure that you get an Aged Debtors’ and Aged Creditors’ report, if you didn’t see that article or are still not sure why, then do get in contact. But these aren’t the only reports that you should expect from your bookkeeper. At Rosemary Bookkeeping, we think you need a Profit and Loss report to understand your income and your costs. If your bookkeeper only [...]

Good Bookkeeping Essential For Your Business

What information can you expect from your bookkeeper? At Rosemary Bookkeeping, we think that your bookkeeper should give you information to help you make decisions about your business. We don’t want to give you advice about what you should or should not be doing, that’s what your accountant is there for, but we think you should have enough information so that you can make informed decisions. So what information should you get? Well you should definitely make sure you always have [...]