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Franchise UK parent company launches franchise consultancy brand & website

New franchise consultancy brand & website launched by Franchise UK parent company Infinity Business Growth Network Ltd, the parent company of leading portals including Franchise UK, Franchiseek & UK Franchise Opportunities has annouced the launch of a new franchise consultancy brand using the brand name Infinity Business Growth Network ( IBGN ).IBGN is a network of independent franchise consultants working under the IBGN brand to deliver unrivalled support to new franchisors.  IBGN has huge franchising internet presence with 50 websites [...]

History of franchising

History of McDonalds Franchise

McDonalds Franchises - History of a franchising success Of all the many franchises operating around the world, there’s no denying that the best-known brand is McDonalds. One of the most famous companies of all time, McDonalds has around 36,000 branches in more than 100 countries around the world. The chain serves a staggering 69 million customers every day, dishing up more than 550 million Big Macs every year in the US alone. From its humble beginnings as a San Bernardino [...]

What are the most successful franchise brands?

What are the most successful franchise brands of all time? One of the most successful business models of all time, the franchise has had a huge impact on industries and economies around the world. Countless entrepreneurs have used the franchise as their way into business and their path to success, and millions of people use the services of a franchised brand every day. To get a better idea of just how impressive and ambitious these companies are, we decided to [...]

History of franchising

History of franchising  These days, franchises are big business. In the UK alone, there are around 900 franchising brands – up from 718 ten years ago – and the business model contributes a huge amount to the country’s economy. Thousands of people are employed by franchises and many franchising brands are household names. Learning how the franchise was born and how the model has developed can help franchisors and franchisees, as well as consumers, to understand the basic principles of [...]

franchise definition

Franchise Definition: What is a franchise?

Franchise Definition: what is a franchise? What is a franchise? Although most people are aware of the term ‘franchise’, and many will have at least a vague understanding of its definition, there are still a lot of people out there who aren’t absolutely sure what a franchise is. Moreover many may be unsure of how it operates and how it differs from the traditional business model. To help clarify the role of the franchise in today’s complex business world, and to [...]

Coffee Franchises, the perfect brew for business success?

Coffee Shop Franchises There are a few things in life that are certain. These include death, taxes and the fact people will always want coffee. Which is why a coffee shop franchise is such a popular choice here in the UK.Most people know what makes a good coffee shop, so it doesn’t take a huge amount of specialist knowledge to get started in terms of experience or equipment. What really matters is good service, a quality product and a pleasant [...]

Health & Beauty Franchises Review

Health and Beauty Franchises Health and beauty is one of the most dynamic industries in the UK. Brits spend billions on making themselves look and feel good every year and there’s a demand for health and beauty services in every corner of the country. This makes a health and beauty franchise a very attractive prospect for many people with a knowledge of the industry. There’s a huge range of franchise opportunities out there, covering a variety of areas within the [...]

Home improvement franchises review

Home Improvements Franchises DIY is almost a national obsession in the UK. Every weekend thousands of men and women roll up their sleeves, open up the tool kit and try to make their homes more beautiful. As a result of the country’s enthusiasm for DIY, home improvement is a lucrative industry to be involved in. From specialist gardening services to cleaners and companies that offer complete home renovation services, home improvement franchises come in a wide variety of shapes and [...]

Cleaning franchises, what are the options & what’s available?

Cleaning Franchises, what are the options & what's available? The demand for cleaning services continues to grow in the UK, and cleaning franchises are one of the best ways to get into the industry. There are several main types of cleaning franchise ranging from domestic to industrial level, and with much of the work being outsourced, the market is getting bigger.The internet is also making a big difference, with cleaning companies able to reach out and connect with customers more [...]

Internet franchises, is an online franchise for you?

Internet franchises The internet has revolutionised the way that many people make a living. It’s not really surprising, as the potential of the World Wide Web is enormous. Being connected to potentially everyone on the planet through the click of a button is an incredible tool, so, as you might expect, there are a number of internet franchises in which to invest.Franchisors have been able to utilise the internet in various ways to a create a very diverse set of [...]

Grow a healthy business with fitness franchises?

Fitness franchises People are becoming more and more aware of their weight, fitness and general health, which is why now might be a great time to invest in a fitness franchises. Exercise, healthy eating and feeling better are becoming a more important part of all of our daily lives, with an emphasis on helping the next generation to look after their bodies too.Fitness franchises are the perfect opportunity for health-minded and active people. And with a growing and diversifying fitness [...]

What are the best home based franchises available?

What are the best home based franchises available? For many people, running a business from home is the ultimate dream. No more commuting on those cold, dark mornings and no more tackling the tube, trains or traffic. You work for yourself, setting your own hours and being your own boss. It’s particularly suited to people who have a very good reason to be at home, which could include parents, people with mobility issues, retired people looking for a new challenge [...]