Author - Joel Bissitt

Free franchise advertising, franchisee lead generation & SEO launches

Free franchise advertising, lead generation & SEO for franchise businesses We know being found amongst the billions of websites on the internet can be a tough task for franchise businessesA great way to increase traffic, boost your search rankings and to generate leads is by listing on free business listings sites. The problem with most sites however is that they are national sites so again you end up in a position where by to get any real advertising exposure and chance of [...]

Start Up Edge launches digital marketing services to franchisors & franchisees with AFA Partnership

Start Up Edge is delighted to announce it's partnership with the Approved Franchise Association ( AFA ).  The AFA, founded in 2012 is a fast growing UK based franchise association providing help and advice to existing and new franchisors and people interested in seeking self employment via franchising.Claire Robinson has been a member of the AFA’s board since its inception in 2012 and was named Chief Executive Officer in March 2015. She is also the Managing Director of Extra [...]

Digital marketing franchise launch

Start Up Edge, a new digital marketing business opportunity has launch today in the UK. The company is the creation of Joel Bissitt, entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. The business provides digital marketing a direct marketing solutions specifically for start up and small businesses and includes services such as;Databases & sales leads SMS marketing Email marketing Website design Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) Pay Per Click ( PPC - Paid search on search engines such as Google [...]

Benefits of a Franchise Discovery Day

Making that final decision on a Franchise can be a difficult time filled with anxious questions and what if’s, particularly if there’s more than one on your short list.There’s only so much reading and research you can do in weighing up your options before you feel like you’re going round in circles.So the next best thing is to consider attending a Discovery Day.Usually a Discovery Day is an informal morning or afternoon you spend with the Franchisor. It’s the [...]


What Reports Should You Be Getting From Your Bookkeeper?

Why You Should Employ A Good Bookkeeper Last time I said that you should always make sure that you get an Aged Debtors’ and Aged Creditors’ report, if you didn’t see that article or are still not sure why, then do get in contact. But these aren’t the only reports that you should expect from your bookkeeper. At Rosemary Bookkeeping, we think you need a Profit and Loss report to understand your income and your costs. If your bookkeeper only [...]

Good Bookkeeping Essential For Your Business

What information can you expect from your bookkeeper? At Rosemary Bookkeeping, we think that your bookkeeper should give you information to help you make decisions about your business. We don’t want to give you advice about what you should or should not be doing, that’s what your accountant is there for, but we think you should have enough information so that you can make informed decisions.So what information should you get? Well you should definitely make sure you always have [...]

Does The Bookkeeping Really Need To Be Good?

Only the best "will do" At Rosemary Bookkeeping, lots of people ask us that question and pre recession our answer might have been different. A few years ago, as long as you were compliant with HMRC and Companies House rules and regulations then very basic bookkeeping would have been fine, but the world has changed. The Government doesn’t have any money and are looking to fines to ensure that business pay what they owe and on time.You may not be [...]

Why is Good Bookkeeping important for your business?

What’s the difference between an accountant and a bookkeeper? It’s funny, you would never dream of asking your partner to do your dental work or fix your electrics if they hadn’t been trained first so why would you ask someone who hasn’t been trained to do your books? At Rosemary Bookkeeping, we are surprised how often people do. But we’re never surprised that people get themselves in a pickle, especially with VAT.This is the first in a series of articles [...]

Five Tips For Managing A Franchise Network

Though most franchisors are skilled business people with extensive experience in their chosen sector, those who haven’t run a franchise before can find dealing with a franchise network and all of the demands that it brings a challenge.From working with franchisees to developing and building your business, franchisors need to be able to communicate, innovate and speculate if they want to succeed.As a solid and reliable group of franchisees can make a huge difference to the potential of a [...]

Why Choose A Dog Grooming Franchise?

Ask any child what they want to do when they grow up and there’s a good chance that the answer will be ‘work with animals’. Fun, loving, loyal and uncomplaining, animals make the perfect customers and the perfect colleagues.As a result, a lot of people looking for a career change or the chance to start their own business are attracted by opportunities related to animals. One of the most popular choices for animal lovers looking to make their passion [...]

Estate Agency Franchise – A Review

Is an estate agency franchise right for you? In the last few years, the UK property market has exploded. House prices have gone up year after year with an annual inflation of around 10.2%, making the UK property market now worth an estimate £1.5tn.Though this might not be great news for buyers hoping to get their foot onto the property ladder, it’s great for estate agents. Branches across the country have seen a huge increase in sales, with the revenue [...]

Common Franchising Terms Explained

An A – almost Z of common franchising terms If you’re entering the world of franchising for the first time, the number of new terms and phrases involved can be confusing.To help you find your feet, we’ve put together a franchise dictionary of the most important things you need to understand before starting out on your new career.Area Franchise – a franchise relationship that allows the franchisee to open multiple locations, usually within a pre-agreed geographical limit.Business Format Franchising (BFF) [...]