Author - Joel Bissitt

Coffee Franchises, the perfect brew for business success?

Coffee Shop Franchises There are a few things in life that are certain. These include death, taxes and the fact people will always want coffee. Which is why a coffee shop franchise is such a popular choice here in the UK. Most people know what makes a good coffee shop, so it doesn’t take a huge amount of specialist knowledge to get started in terms of experience or equipment. What really matters is good service, a quality product and a pleasant [...]

Health & Beauty Franchises Review

Health and Beauty Franchises Health and beauty is one of the most dynamic industries in the UK. Brits spend billions on making themselves look and feel good every year and there’s a demand for health and beauty services in every corner of the country. This makes a health and beauty franchise a very attractive prospect for many people with a knowledge of the industry. There’s a huge range of franchise opportunities out there, covering a variety of areas within the [...]

Home improvement franchises review

Home Improvements Franchises DIY is almost a national obsession in the UK. Every weekend thousands of men and women roll up their sleeves, open up the tool kit and try to make their homes more beautiful. As a result of the country’s enthusiasm for DIY, home improvement is a lucrative industry to be involved in. From specialist gardening services to cleaners and companies that offer complete home renovation services, home improvement franchises come in a wide variety of shapes and [...]

Cleaning franchises, what are the options & what’s available?

Cleaning Franchises, what are the options & what's available? The demand for cleaning services continues to grow in the UK, and cleaning franchises are one of the best ways to get into the industry. There are several main types of cleaning franchise ranging from domestic to industrial level, and with much of the work being outsourced, the market is getting bigger. The internet is also making a big difference, with cleaning companies able to reach out and connect with customers more [...]

Internet franchises, is an online franchise for you?

Internet franchises The internet has revolutionised the way that many people make a living. It’s not really surprising, as the potential of the World Wide Web is enormous. Being connected to potentially everyone on the planet through the click of a button is an incredible tool, so, as you might expect, there are a number of internet franchises in which to invest. Franchisors have been able to utilise the internet in various ways to a create a very diverse set of [...]

Grow a healthy business with fitness franchises?

Fitness franchises People are becoming more and more aware of their weight, fitness and general health, which is why now might be a great time to invest in a fitness franchises. Exercise, healthy eating and feeling better are becoming a more important part of all of our daily lives, with an emphasis on helping the next generation to look after their bodies too. Fitness franchises are the perfect opportunity for health-minded and active people. And with a growing and diversifying fitness [...]

Home based franchises – Work from home franchises review

Home based franchises For many people, running a business from home is the ultimate dream. No more commuting on those cold, dark mornings and no more tackling the tube, trains or traffic. You work for yourself, setting your own hours and being your own boss. It’s particularly suited to people who have a very good reason to be at home, which could include parents, people with mobility issues, retired people looking for a new challenge and more. So what home [...]

gardening franchise

Turn green into gold? Gardening franchises review

Gardening franchises Gardening franchises can be a great way to combine a successful business opportunity with doing something that you enjoy. Gardening allows you to work outdoors, away from a desk and an office, with plenty of scope for movement into new areas. A gardening franchise could be the opportunity that you have been looking for to grow your own business. And with the support, training and branding expertise you get from the franchise, it’s a great way to get up [...]

What are franchise resales & are they a good investment?

What are franchise resales? Franchise resales are an existing franchise business in a local area seeking to sell. There are many reasons why franchises are resold. The current owners could have reached retirement age or decided that the time was right to move on and try something else. It could be as a result of illness or other personal circumstances. The bottom line is if you are considering buying an existing franchise is to find out why the resale is available. [...]

Care franchises reviewed, what are the options?

Care Franchises If you’re looking to start a business and make a difference, then a care franchise could be the perfect solution. There are many different types of care franchises, ranging across all ages and circumstances, and they are ideal if you have people skills and a desire to make lives easier and more satisfying. Care franchises are, of course, subject to lots of legislation and guidelines, so there is a strong framework in place about how to make it work for the people you care [...]

Catering Franchises & Food Franchises – Franchise UK Review

Catering and Food Franchises Britain prides itself on its love of good food. Whether Britons are celebrating, commiserating or relaxing, good food and drink will be an inevitable part of the experience. As such there are lots of exciting food and catering franchise opportunities to choose from across the UK.  The food and catering industry lends itself particularly well to franchising. Franchising is the reason many fast food restaurants have prospered because they are able to divide the challenge of [...]

New partnership with Microsoft to drive free leads for franchisors & franchisee networks

Franchise UK are delighted to announce a new partnership with Microsoft to help franchisors and franchisee's drive more cost effective recruitment and core business leads. The partnership entitles all Franchise UK advertisers to claim free Bing ads coupons to drive free traffic & leads via the Bing paid search engine. Bing ads market share has seen in increase in the UK and Bing ads now has a market share of 25.5% of all UK searches, a total of 939 million [...]