Millennials Should Become Franchisees

3 Reasons Why Millennials Should Become Franchisees

Millennials are known to be some of the most criticized groups of society. They are constantly told off by baby boomers and Gen Xers for being ‘entitled,’ ‘self-absorbed,’ and ‘lazy.’ That is not true, and millennials do not get enough credit for making their way through this harsh world.

Since millennials are part of one of the largest living generations of today, they make up the majority of the workforce. Millennials stand out for their strong work ethics and their constant hunt for the most fulfilling job opportunities. Franchising can be a great way for millennials to tick off all of their boxes. Here is why:

Fitting Of The Millennial Lifestyle

When it comes to earning, millennials do not seek jobs, but rather lifestyles. They want a work environment that is flexible and lets them achieve a good work-life balance. Research states that over 70% of millennials want to become an entrepreneur. Franchises UK offers them exactly what they are looking for and more!

Being a franchise owner allows millennials to be their own boss, a way of setting up a business that uses a proven model. There are also many categories of franchises to choose from, depending on one’s interests such as coffee franchises, food franchises, and van-based franchises. For millennials who want to franchise alongside their main job even have the option to invest into part-time franchises. So much choice for those choosy millennials!


Millennials like working under trusted guidance and in supportive environments. In franchising, the franchisee gets given support materials which contains the foundation and the bricks needed to set up their franchise. From IT support to business coaching and marketing, the franchisor provides all that the franchisee will need. Research also states that millennials tend to enjoy working in teams and like to look up to a mentor, which is another reason why franchising can be the perfect fit for them.

Millennials’ ‘Weaknesses’ Are Actually Their Strengths

Those from older generations often view millennial’s as lazy because they do not work as hard as they had to. However, their ‘laziness’ actually helps them save time, as they get the job done in more creative and efficient ways!

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Millennials are also seen as tech-obsessed, constantly on their phones scouring through social media. Older people might see it as a distraction and a waste of time, but in this day and age, no business is complete without social media marketing and the use of modern day technologies.

And for those millennials who do not want to go through the hassle of coming up with a business idea, setting it up and waiting to see whether it will work or not, franchising can be the perfect fix. They will be able to make a good living out a business that they can call their own and will just have to follow the plan that is given to them.

Find the work-life balance you have always wanted. Get in touch with Franchise UK for more information on available franchise opportunities in the UK and how to become a franchisee.

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