What are the most profitable, low cost franchise opportunities?

Aspiring entrepreneurs and students who want to earn extra money are opting to invest in franchises UK. Franchising allows quick earning opportunities without having to invest a lot of time. Many invest into part time franchises to first evaluate the playing field and determine whether franchising is a suitable option. Those who want to be full-time franchisees without having to invest a crazy amount of money should opt for low cost franchises. Let’s explore some of the most profitable low cost franchises to invest in.

most profitable low cost franchises in the UK

What Are Low Cost Franchises?

There are a few distinct characteristics that constitute as a low cost franchise, the primary characteristic being the lower amount of initial investment, which is usually £15,000 or less. Most low cost franchise opportunities may not even require an investment at all or only cost just a few hundred pounds to get started. Operational costs are also low as low cost franchises are usually operated through the internet or from the home.

Some Of The Most Profitable Low Cost Franchises

Of course, when choosing through low cost franchises to invest in, you would want to go for the one that has the lowest initial investment and the highest profit margin. Some of the most profitable low cost franchises are:

Coffee Franchises

Who does not like a cup of coffee to get energized? Mobile coffee outlets are definitely becoming a popular business in Franchise UK. Cafe Lavista Franchise, for example, is a van based coffee vending machine that has a low cost initial investment. They travel all across the UK in order to sell maximum cups of coffee, generating large amount of revenues with high profit margin. Van based franchises are also incredibly profitable and have a low initial investment, thus a coffee franchise can be perfect for first timers.

Home Based Franchises

Home based franchises are also included in the low cost franchises range, as many home based franchises do not have high overheads and require a low initial investment. Eazi Apps, for example, is a home based franchise with only £7,995 minimum investment requirement, yet have a very high profit margin due to the heavy demand of IT services.

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