How to Tune into the Feminine Frequency!

Women are known for the sheer amount of talking they do…about anything – and of course everything. I know, I do it too! It’s because we have so much to say and the other side of the debate should always be ‘why would you want to use only 2 words when 200 is more exciting, engaging, connecting and fun?!’

I’m pleased to say women are saved by a credible biological reason for us talking at the rate that we do. Although that’s not nearly as important as tapping into what women are actually saying when they talk.

From a simple enquiry to making a complaint women will use words, descriptions, specifics, analogies, experiences and even stories (the ones that may start something like ‘my friend/neighbour, etc, etc’) to communicate how they feel and what they need.

In the vast amount of words per second that a woman can speak, there are ALWAYS very important pieces of information that she’ll give you:

a) How she feels b) Why she feels this c) What’s important to her d) Why it’s important to her e) What would HELP her

Simply by knowing all this can make a massive difference to helping more women decide to invest in the best Franchise to meet their needs. Plus, help Franchisees understand how to create the perfect connections when selling their products/service.

It’s like being handed the exact formula to help women get exactly what they want – the golden key to enter into the wonderful mind of a woman – priceless!

Here’s how you can instantly make your business more attractive to women:

#1: Take Action on What You Hear Most businesses listen but few actively make the effort to act on what they’ve heard. Women want to know that they haven’t just wasted their precious time or their breath to let you know about something. They want someone to take responsibility and help them.

#2: Value Their Needs Women are valuable to your business and so they look for ways you express and promote that to cater for them over and above a reactive afterthought. Just offering a product in pink or a stereotypical Franchise opportunity these days is no longer accepted as appealing to your female market. Although pink is still attractive (and I think always will be to the inner little girl inside all of us), it’s not always a practical, professional or suitable option.

And if it’s the only choice you give them, you could be lining the pockets of your competitors who recognise the growing need to adapt their products and services to include women as individuals with growing purchasing power.

To help more women join as your next Franchisee be prepared to adapt your marketing communication to appeal to what they really buy, connect with their aspirations and demonstrate their value to you.


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