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The sign of a good franchise is when you enter it and it is identical to all the other branches, no matter where it is located. Obviously, the layout could be a bit different but the sounds, smells, sights, and customer experience should all be impeccable.

Finding the same experience no matter which franchise you end up at is all thanks to a strong brand image and the state of the franchise network. This is especially applicable for coffee franchises and food franchises in the UK. When a franchisee comes on board, they get trained, are told everything they need to know in order to maintain consistency and are given a comprehensive guide on how to do so.

However, expecting a new franchisee to keep everything they have learned in mind and communicating it to their new team can be difficult and can hinder the service quality of the franchise. Here are some challenges that a franchisee may face when training their team members:

  • The basic goal of the business may not be communicated properly by the franchisee.
  • More often than not, the outlet may not have enough space to train employees altogether.
  • Having so much information to give to employees in such little time may cause franchisees to forget important aspects.
  • Training should be an ongoing process as if there are no follow-ups, coaching or reminds then it remains ineffective and there is a lower ROI.
  • Initially, employees may be enthusiastic but as time passes by and money starts to roll in, they may start losing interest.

Why Old Training Methods Are Ineffective

Firstly, the franchisee will have to pay more overhead costs just for training. Creating and printing handbooks, travel costs to and from the training area, signage and job aids etc. can all amount to a lot.

The Advantages Of Using Technology To Train Employees

Many franchisees are adopting eLearning platforms to lessen costs, but they still aren’t taking the most advantage that they can of today’s tech. Here are the reasons why franchisees should adopt modern knowledge sharing technologies:

  • Trainees forget what they learned 90-120 days later. Online training platforms can help to change this.
  • You can train at any time, from any device and anywhere!
  • The trainees can review material if they forget anything.
  • The platforms allow the franchisee to collect feedback and efficiently assess data.
  • Team building can take place through online learning platforms as employees will be able to engage in discussions and interact through online Q&A’s.
  • You can get qualitative results that show how effective your training programs are.
  • All the trainee support materials, instructions, and tutorials can be made available and employees can
    easily access them through their phones or other devices if they are ever stuck.

  • These platforms allow for automated follow-ups, which makes sure that training is ongoing.

Technology helps us in our day to day lives in more ways than one. Sometimes we do not even realize that we are using technology to help us, that is how much it is engrained into our lives! Franchisees can really use it to their advantage when setting up their new franchises UK.

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