Here’s how you can optimise your franchise follow up process…

When it comes to marketing your Franchise no element can be left to chance, simply put all your communication must be consistent, professional and planned.

A prospective Franchisee will continuously evaluate your opportunity from the moment they make contact with you and assess everything they experience, including any phone conversations, emails, etc.

With your opportunity competing with perhaps many others, if just one area of your marketing process is not as strong as it could be you’re making it easier for your competitors to increase their conversion rates!

Any or no response is in direct relation to the quality of the communication

Because every enquiry counts, you want people to view your opportunity as the best option to invest in.

So when promoting your opportunity it’s vitally important your marketing message is one of congruent cohesion. By focusing your efforts on just one area of marketing you potentially risk neglecting others.

Any amount of uncertainty or confusion in your marketing will have an impact on the level of results you experience because…

… a confused prospect will not buy!

Each element of your marketing strategy must work independently of each other AND effortlessly together so you always have one, powerful, congruent message about your business and Franchise.

One marketing element will never be as strong as many working together

Incredibly many Franchisors don’t give their franchise follow up process the focus it needs, it should be very much part of the overall marketing strategy.

If they haven’t done so already it’s likely a prospect will make their decision in these final stages.

And your carefully planned and well communicated follow up process could just be the ethically persuasive factor in helping them to choose your Franchise over someone else’s opportunity.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes up a successful franchise follow up email campaign because…

…there’s much more to consider than just ‘hope you received the Franchise pack ok?’:

The optimum number of follow up emails is between 3 and 4. Usually if a prospect hasn’t responded to you by the 3rd – it’s likely they won’t

If possible automate the process for each franchise follow up email to be delivered between 2-4 days apart. This keeps your opportunity in their minds without them feeling hassled!

Most follow up emails are static with one way communication, to help elicit a response from prospects, ask them questions

Make your subject line a mini-headline and increase your open rates

Use a conversational and friendly tone to help lower the barriers of responding to you

Include a few FAQs, a Franchisee testimonial, any topical news you could relate to your Franchise, etc

Keep each email short, concise and lead them to a clear call to action…what you want them to do next

Your franchise follow up process may include one or more phone call attempts, but as people are more sceptical about being ‘sold to’ on the phone your email follow up process is even more crucial in helping to get them to respond to you.

Use follow up emails wisely to interact with your prospects rather than to expect any quick sale. Building rapport and trust will provide you with the greater opportunity to progress them to the next stage.

Streamline, systemise and strengthen your follow up process and make sure you stay ahead when competing for prospects attention.

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