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Tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance as a franchisee

The beauty of becoming a franchisee is that you can achieve complete control over how much you work so that you can separate business from leisure and family time. Giving yourself some structure in your working day is key to achieving a healthy work-life balance, so we’ve put together some tips so that you can balance your working life with your private life.

Tap into your network

Spending hours upon hours attempting to solve a difficult business challenge alone robs you of time that could be spent enjoying your hobbies or spending time with your family. Depending on the issue you’re dealing with, it’s better to get in touch with your franchisor or a fellow franchisee that may have dealt with the same problem and can help you to solve it. Also, if you are taking on more work than you can deal with or you’d like to take a short break, you might even be able to get help from a franchisee that you have a good relationship with to help you.

Set goals for yourself

Take the time to think carefully about what your ideal work-life balance looks like so that you can figure out how you’re going to achieve it. Is your goal to never work weekends, work a set number of hours each day, take a certain number of holidays every year or make sure that you finish working at a certain time every day? Whatever you picture your ideal scenario to be, having a clear idea of what you want in your head will allow you to think logically about how to achieve it.

Make a plan

Once you’ve laid out your work and life goals, make a comprehensive plan of how you are going to achieve them. This might involve setting yourself certain working hours, prioritising, hiring staff or budgeting more effectively by creating a home office instead of renting out office space. Making a list of priorities for every day and delegating tasks to your team can allow you to schedule time to wind down and relax at the end of the day and take scheduled breaks so that you don’t become overwhelmed.

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