Important factors to consider when buying a franchise

Buying a franchise can be a great way to get into business, but there are also some factors you must consider carefully before investing in a franchise. Below we will list the main factors you should consider before starting your franchising journey.

Franchise location:

Your franchise businesses location is crucial as the location is key to attracting customers. For example, you would need your franchise in a popular & accessible location to achieve the fastest possible return on investment (ROI). It’s also important to understand your customer base in your chosen franchise location. This is why many franchisees look into a location’s demographics before making their final decision. If you want to learn more about why franchise location is so important, feel free to read our article about how to choose the perfect location for your franchise.

Investment range:

Even though you may think franchises are very expensive, this is not the case, franchises can sometimes be started for a fee as low as £5,000. However, this does not mean all franchises are cheap; some can be around £200,000 or even more. It all depends on which brand you invest in and the brand’s recognition but remember, when you buy a franchise, you need to decide how much you would be willing to spend for your future financial freedom and business success. Remember, the more expensive the franchise you choose to invest in, the longer it will take to see a return on your investment, so consider your investment range carefully and be realistic about the amount of capital you can invest.

Prior experience:

Although many franchises do not require prior experience in your chosen industry, some franchisors will only accept new franchisees with experience in business or their particular industry and field. This is another key thing to consider when thinking about buying a franchise. Once you have found a franchise you feel suits your needs, ask the franchisor or franchisee some questions about if they need prior experience and, if you do not have prior experience, what is required. This should help you get an idea of the necessary experience and the time it would take to acquire the knowledge that’s required.


Lastly, another vital thing to consider before buying a franchise is passion. For example, do you have a passion for your chosen franchise business? Remember it’s proven that people work harder when they are happy. In fact, according to a study by Warwick University, we as people work harder when we are happy with what we do. Also, buying a franchise is a long-term commitment most of the time, so it’s better to invest your time and money in an industry that you would love to be a part of. This could even lead to a faster return on your investment from the love of what you do.

Want to find out more about buying a franchise?

If you want to find out more about buying a franchise, feel free to browse through our blog at Franchise UK, providing plenty of free information about franchising from specific industry research, franchisor stories, and things to consider before buying a franchise. This should help you find out everything you need to know when you are new to the idea of becoming a franchisee.

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