SMS Marketing for your Franchise

Once you have acquired a franchise, you have successfully completed the first step of your business journey. From now onwards the great struggle starts. Although you have a set of rules mentioned in the contract by the franchiser that you need to follow strictly, you still have to put in your efforts to make it a success. Whether you have chosen from van based franchises, food franchises or coffee franchises, in any case, you will have to roll out exceptional marketing strategies to be successful.

Plan smart marketing strategies                            

Planning out the marketing strategies for your franchise success is one of the most crucial and critical stages. You need to do extensive research in the same industry to understand the completion and what the competitors are doing. Don’t start phrasing strategies until you have enough information.

Indulge new marketing tactics

Incorporate different marketing mediums that help in effective promotion and reaching out to a mass audience. Reaching out to the audience is one of the key components that you need to pay attention to. You might consider using the new marketing tactic SMS Marketing for your franchise.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing strategy is the simplest way of reaching out to a mass audience but it is highly effective. You can send an SMS is to the potential target audience who agrees to receive it from you. Following are some of the reasons why SMS marketing is best for the franchise.

1.   Helps you to get the right word out

SMS marketing is remarkable because it will enable you to access the click-through rates of the messages you are sending out, along with this you also get to check the return on investment, response rate and churn rate. According to this data, you will be able to tweak your next strategy before rolling out the campaign.

2.   Helps in reaching your customers

SMS marketing permits you to send messages who have agreed and shared their contact details with you. All you need to do is maintain a database of customers, ask for contact details from people who visit your franchise or those who would be interested in buying what you are offering or willingly want to stay informed about your business activities. Reaching out to such audience through text message puts you at advantage of capitalizing on proximity.

3.   The open rate of SMS is higher

People prefer reading short messages then going through lengthy emails in their inbox, they rather delete the promotional email. SMS marketing gives you an edge over email marketing because the open rate of messages is higher. Increase the chances of being heard through SMS, use it for spreading the news of the new sale or any promotional activity.

4.   Enables you to customize your message

SMS marketing allows making your customer feel important and valued. Personalize your message according to the information you collected while they signed-up, use any information that they shared to divide your database into special segments. Customize the experience of your customers by sending them personalized messages.

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