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More and more Franchisors are recognising that a compliance breach by any one of their Franchisees can bring not only the offending Franchise into disrepute, but can also affect the rest of their network and the Franchise name. The Forum of Private Business, a business support organisation formed as a not-for-profit initiative in 1977, has launched a valuable new low cost service for the Franchisor sector. Designed to help and support Franchisees to operate to a single standard of compliance.

The support and knowledge that Franchisors provide to their Franchisees assures them of success with their business model, but there is so much more that Franchisees need to consider in running their business.

Business compliance costs UK businesses a staggering £18 billion pounds per year. The sheer amount of legislation and regulation that is constantly changing is one of the many issues that franchisees will have to deal with. They have to ensure they are running their business fully compliant, and this takes time and money. Franchisors and franchisees are now partnering with the Forum of Private Business to provide the solution. Forum members are now spending considerably less time and money on compliance issues than non-members.

Areas of compliance include:

  • Employment Law
  • Health & Safety
  • Tax Law
  • Environment
  • Contract Law
  • Food Standards
  • Licensing
  • Consumer protection and much more

The Forum provides a 24/7 legal advice helpline for all of the above topics and more which is backed up with a comprehensive insurance policy, covering costs up to £50,000 for Legal and Professional fees. Costs cover being underwritten by a major insurer.

Essential information and legal document templates are freely available to members through a member’s only section within the website.
An employment dispute, a tax investigation, health and safety prosecution or environmental prosecution – Contract disputes are all costly to deal with and any one of these can threaten the future of a business. The support and protection provided to franchisees by being a member of the Forum is invaluable, when unexpected problems like this arise.

Because membership to the Forum already runs into several thousands of businesses this gives the organisation strength in numbers to negotiate real savings on a whole range of business essentials and those savings are passed on to members. Infact, most of our many members save considerably more than their membership costs year after year.

Savings on:

  • Diesel Fuel
  • Business Utilities & Telecoms
  • Card Payment terminals
  • Insurance
  • Pensions and much more.

Upon joining the Forum, they become a vital extension to your team, they can partner with you in two ways. The first, most popular and economical with franchisors is to take block membership and cross charge fees. The second is to encourage franchisees to become individual members and at costs as little as £175* per annum per individual member, who can afford not to join?

Find out more at  or click to call 01565 626XXX to talk to a membership adviser, who can organise a no obligation meeting at your office.

*For the scale of membership fees see within

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