An elevator speech (also known as lift speech or 2- minute pitch) is a short summary used to simply define a product, service, or business and its value proposition. The name describes the ability to deliver the summary in the time of a lift or elevator ride (around 30-120 seconds).

When perfected, your elevator speech will be like a magnet to others drawing them in to want to do business with you.

Grab Attention. Think of your opening statement like the headline in an advert or beginning of a television / radio programme. Use it to capture attention.

What’s Your Point? How many adverts or presentations have you experienced where you are left wondering ‘what was that about?’ Your core message should be communicated clearly and effectively during your pitch to provide clarity about your business.

Benefits, Not Features. Many pitches focus on the features of the product or service. A feature is only a small percentage of people’s interest. Communicate exactly how your product or service will benefit them. Will it save them money or time? Will it solve a problem for them? Etc.

Also include the reasons why your product or service is the best choice for them.

Delivery. Practise your pitch in front of a mirror, in front of colleagues and even record or film it. It might make you cringe but better to get in wrong behind closed doors than to rehearse on your prospects!

Perfect a good speaking voice, with a calm, natural pace. Breathe and smile to promote control. And never underestimate the power of a pause.

Lasting Impression. Finally give something the person can take away with them. An inspiring quote, a thought provoking comment or just a motivational ending to your pitch.

Your words will be remembered far longer than you realise. The ending of your pitch is as important as your beginning and middle. Make it memorable to echo around their mind for lasting success and recognition.

You want to leave the person with the thought that when they need what you’re offering – yours is the only one they think of.

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