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10 Best Cleaning Franchises for Sale

Are you considering becoming a business owner? Cleaning franchises are currently in high demand and offer individuals the opportunity to be their own boss and set their own flexible working hours. This article focuses on why a cleaning franchise UK-based is an excellent choice for aspiring business owners.

What is a cleaning franchise?

A cleaning franchise is a company authorised by a brand to carry out specified commercial or domestic cleaning services. Franchising presents individuals who want to own and run a cleaning business with the potential of using the name, resources, and branding of an existing cleaning company. There are several types of cleaning franchises available, including window cleaning franchises, home improvement franchises, and specialist cleaning franchises, e.g. office cleaning.

What are the benefits of buying a cleaning franchise?

Here are some of the top benefits of starting a cleaning franchise

It requires no business experience.

It is scary to start a business with no experience, but franchising offers you a fantastic safety net and saves you startup risks. New cleaning franchisees will receive training and advice from the umbrella franchise company, so no prior qualifications or training is necessary. Is it beneficial, however, to have a passion for cleaning or management skills.

It can be home-based/van-based

Cleaning franchises are one of the most popular van-based franchises and do not require large premises or storage facilities. Whether running your franchise from home or a van, cleaning franchise owners can benefit from extremely low start-up costs as they will not have to pay expensive rent.

It is high non-cyclical demand.

Cleaning is not seasonal, and the demand for cleaners will remain consistent throughout the year. Although some companies might have in-house cleaners, most commercial companies still require external janitorial services to suit their cleaning needs. The demand for both industrial and domestic laundering services is constantly high. Therefore, as an independent cleaning franchisee, you will enjoy the flexibility of working whenever you like. If you currently own or are employed in a seasonal job, you may wish to consider running a cleaning franchise when your current industry is out of season.

It has a low cost of branding.

Starting a business from scratch can be very expensive and time-consuming. For new businesses, marketing is essential to ensure you get your brand name out there and start to build name recognition for yourself. With a cleaning franchise, you will benefit from being able to use a company name that is already widely recognised and respected. You will, therefore, be able to cut the cost of investing in branding strategies, such as hiring a graphic designer to complete a new logo.

Access to a support network

If you start an independent cleaning business, you may begin to feel isolated or feel as though you don’t have adequate support to be successful. On the other hand, when you join a franchise, you will be able to connect with a network of like-minded franchise owners who can shart tips, resources, and support to ensure your business is as successful as possible.

It is flexible

Owning a cleaning franchise offers true flexibility. As a franchisee, you become the owner of a cleaning business, not an employee. This ensures you can schedule your time as you wish and set your own working hours. You can set aside more time to spend with your family or attend to other personal commitments, if you wish, or prioritise your working hours based on when you feel most productive during the day. Having the power to manage your own schedule as you wish gives the freedom that only a few trades and careers can offer.

It is simple to recruit cleaning staff.

Unlike other commercial establishments, a cleaning franchise business does not require highly skilled labour. Cleaning work can be done by hardworking individuals who have the necessary skills and ability to do it meticulously and to acceptable standards. This means that recruiting employees to join your franchise will be simple and straightforward as you will have a wider network of individuals available to you. Starting a cleaning franchise will also enable you to improve your local economy as you will be creating new jobs for passionate and hardworking individuals in your town or city.

What are the 10 best cleaning franchises?

Let’s take a look at the 10 best cleaning franchises to own and operate.

1. ElectroClean Franchise

ElectroClean provides an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in buying a modern cleaning franchise. It’s also a good option for anyone on a budget as the franchise costs £10k to a maximum of £25k depending on the franchise’s location.

Investment level:

Starting from £10k to £25k

What you get:

You get access to the state of the art electronics for the cleaning work, Business Development Support and Telesales Activity, Full induction & training. You join a team that are on a mission to become the recognised brand in Electrostatic cleaning and sanitisation services.

2. Fantastic Services Franchise

Are you interested in investing in a cleaning franchise that can do work around multiple premises? If so, a Fantastic Services franchise could be a great career choice for you since fantastic services have over 530+ franchise locations globally and are constantly growing. They also provide cleaning services across many different premises, providing you a lot of work and an exciting investment opportunity.

What you get:

The Fantastic Academy – an online training platform with courses and information, daily/weekly webinars conducted in Zoom conference calls, customer care and sales training specific to the Fantastic Services, thorough training on how to best use our automation software and mobile apps, introduction to minimum quality standards of each service.

3. Cleanhome Franchise

Cleanhome is known to be one of the most successful domestic cleaning businesses in the UK and is known for its proven business model and constant innovation to make its services even better for their clients. Cleanhome was established back in 2007, and its leadership team has over 30 years of experience in the management of domestic cleaning businesses, making it a great opportunity for anyone new to the industry who is interested in learning about the domestic cleaning industry further.

Investment Level:

Starting from £9,995+VAT

What you get:

Cleanhomes awarding winning training programme, Training that will boost sales and provide an amazing experience for the franchisees clients, tried and tested business model and help you develop the business along the way to suit your needs and circumstances.


4. Clear Brew Franchise

Clear Brew provides a different opportunity in the cleaning industry which cleans beer lines for businesses letting businesses serve their best to their customers. This is a service that will be in huge demand for businesses looking to improve their quality control which is very important for any business. Clear brew has been cleaning beer lines professionally since 2006 and has many testimonials from some very happy clients as well as franchisees.

Investment Level:

Starting from £17,500

What you get:

Clear Brew Ltd, you can become your own boss, running a highly successful franchise with your own huge, protected territory. You get access to a very helpful training package, and you are also provided with ongoing support and training when needed.

5. OvenClean Franchise

OvenClean is one of the most successful oven cleaning businesses ever started in the UK. It’s a well-known brand, making it a good investment for anyone new to the industry to build a customer base upon investment. OvenClean is also friendly to new people on the fee also the standard fee for one of these franchises is £10k+, making it a low-cost franchise that is ideal for anyone looking to get into the cleaning industry for a low fee.

Investment Level:

Starting from £10k

What you get:

National marketing campaigns including TV coverage and extensive digital marketing, £34million worth of work distributed to the network in 2020, Regular, repeat business from a loyal customer base, Flexible working hours to suit your ambitions and lifestyle.

6. TechClean Franchise

TechClean started trading back in 1983 and has become the UK’s leading specialists in system hygiene. TechClean is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to run a cleaning franchise from the comfort of their own home. This is also good for anyone new to the cleaning industry as running any business from home always results in lower overheads.

Investment Level:

Starting from £19,500 + VAT

What you get:

Ongoing support from a Head Office team with over 70 years experience in franchising, Techclean systems and marketing manuals, Centralised Appointment Generation campaign, Full range of additional marketing and business collateral, Extensive start-up supplies, and equipment.

7. SPRAY-FORM Franchise

SPRAY-FORM was started in 2019 by a primary school teacher from County Down, Northern Ireland. The business was partly funded through a Sainsbury’s loan and a few credit cards, but SPRAY-FORM has since become a household name across the island of Ireland. The SPRAY-FORM franchise also has a vast client base as it works with door & window manufacturers, PVC installation companies, construction companies, and domestic homeowners and landlords to transform PVC, aluminum, and composite surfaces. This large customer base provides a great opportunity for anyone new to the SPRAY-FORM franchise as it provides a lot of potential.

What you get:

You get training and support from the founder of SPRAY-FORM with a lot of experience in the field, and You get an exclusive territory to run your franchise business, you buy into a proven business model, you receive ongoing support from the franchisor.

8. HOODZ Franchise

HOODZ is different from many other cleaning franchises as it specialises in cleaning kitchen exhaust hood systems. I’m sure these kinds of cleaning services will be in high demand for local businesses such as commercial kitchens that need cleaning.

Investment Level:

Starting from £40,000

What you get:

8 days classroom training which includes; Financial Coaching, Business Development, Technical Skills Use of equipment Leads generation training and Customer relationship management, 4 days on-the-job training, Continuous online training.

9. Eco-Mist Biotechnics Franchise

Eco-Mist Biotechnics is a revolutionary business producing an innovative range of natural biocides, disinfectants, and decontamination systems, with immediate demand for our products and services in every region of the UK. These services, such as disinfectant cleaning services, have grown massively during the Covid-19 pandemic in premises such as offices which could provide a large customer base to the franchisee.

Investment Level:

Starting from £5,000+

What you get:

Your own base territory, Freedom to sell in any area, Exclusive rights to use the brand and trade name, Access to branded, professional Marketing Collateral, An opportunity to work from the comfort of your own home.

10. Westcountry Hygiene Franchise

Westcountry hygiene is a vehicle-based cleaning franchise that is good for anyone who likes to work on the go. Westcountry Hygiene specialise in providing the very best hygiene cleaning products for their franchisees and clients. Westcountry Hygiene is an attractive option for anyone new as it’s a vehicle-based opportunity, which means you have low overheads, which is essential to people now as the demand for van-based and home based franchises has seen a significant increase in demand in the UK.

Investment Level:

Starting from £18,995 + VAT

What you get:

A proven and established business with two franchise test pilot areas still profitable today, High income potential from very low overheads, Branded clothing with point of sale literature package to get the business looking correct from day one.
Included, Regional Quarterly meetings to highlight the new trends and standards coming into the market to keep the informed edge.


Ultimately, owning a cleaning franchise comes with a unique set of invaluable benefits that are accessible to anyone. If you want to start a promising franchise and become your own boss, you should consider starting a cleaning franchise today. Find your ideal cleaning franchise now, or get in touch with our professional team for more information about professional services franchises.

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