The advantages of buying a franchise in 2022

Buying a franchise in 2022 can be an excellent way to start your own business without the stress of starting from scratch. Franchises offer many benefits, including brand recognition, training and mentorship from experienced business professionals, as well as access to various tools, materials and supplies at competitive prices. Plus, with many franchises offering full or partial financing packages, you can purchase the franchise of your choice even if you don’t have enough money on hand to pay cash upfront. So if a franchise sounds like the perfect business opportunity for you, keep reading and we will let you know why franchises are perfect for new and existing entrepreneurs and why a franchise could be a great investment this year.

Why buying a franchise is a great opportunity for new entrepreneurs

If you’re thinking about starting your own business, it’s important to know that franchises provide many advantages for new entrepreneurs. First, with franchising you are leveraging someone else’s success. If a franchise is successful, they’ve already done all of the R&D and trial-and-error that go into being successful as an entrepreneur. All you have to do is execute and reap those benefits! Second, franchises have already done their market research and have their ideal customer type in mind. By tapping into franchise opportunities now, you can enter markets quickly and be up-and-running in your first year or two. Finally, buying into a franchise gives you access to training programs not readily available to independent entrepreneurs.

Benefits of buying a franchise in 2022

There are multiple benefits of buying into a franchise in 2022. There are franchise opportunities for everyone and for every budget. It’s important to shop around and find one that is within your financial means. Franchise opportunities have seen a huge growth in popularity in recent years yet they still offer an array of benefits such as: being part of an established business model, franchise support, marketing power, and access to resources that help make running your own business easier. The investment you will make when buying into any franchise can also be tax deductible so keep that in mind when choosing your own specific franchise opportunity! Here is a list to consider if you want more information on what types of franchises can be bought into today.

1) It’s easier to get a loan to buy a franchise

Unlike purchasing an existing business, buying into a franchise comes with proven financial backing. Lenders understand that franchisors already have systems and processes in place to help ensure successful franchises, so they can offer easier-to-secure loans. If you’re concerned about financing, buying into a franchise could be perfect for you.

2) Franchises are usually cheaper than starting a business from scratch

It can be difficult to gauge how much it will cost to start your own business, but buying an existing franchise can give you some level of assurance. You’ll still have to put up capital, but you’ll usually have better information on what things will cost before you make any decisions. And, if franchises are done right, they also typically provide training for their new owners and lots of legal support to help ensure compliance with regulations and local laws. That should lower your initial costs as well as make it easier for you to get your business running smoothly from day one.

3) You get access to a proven system

The franchisor already has an established business model that allows for repeatable success. You’ll have access to training and marketing materials, as well as their support team, which means you can hit the ground running from day one. And after seeing all these things come together for another franchisee, you’ll know exactly what to expect. It’s easy to go into business with confidence when your risks are minimized!

4) You have access to a support network

Franchises are built on brand names, which means that if you buy into one, you have access to an established community. Because franchisees must comply with their franchisor’s standards and guidelines, they often find that they share experiences and insights with other franchisees around common problems. Whether your issue is strategic or tactical, operating with an established network allows you to learn from others who have faced similar challenges. You’ll be able to identify solutions to issues before they become problems by watching others get ahead of them.

5) Brand recognition

Established brands usually have better name recognition and an established customer base. This can be key for businesses that cater to recurring customers, like restaurants or gyms. If you’re starting a franchise, then it’s possible that you may be able to piggyback off other people’s hard work—and skip past some of your own marketing efforts. If your competitors are beating each other up on price, it might also mean higher margins for you when competing against their franchise operations. Plus, if your brand is already well-known and respected, then customers are likely to trust you more too – which is important for a business to succeed. Customer trust means a lot in business!

Are you ready to start your journey through buying a franchise?

If a franchise sounds like the perfect business opportunity for you, browse our list of the best franchises to own from established brands. If you don’t see the perfect franchise for you on our best franchises in the UK list feel free to browse our full A-Z franchise directory providing over 1,000+ unique franchise opportunities that are currently up for grabs across the UK.

Where can you find more information about franchising?

If you want to find out more about franchising before making any investments browse our franchising resource section here at Franchise UK. Whether you’re looking for tips on buying a franchise or want to learn about how to start your own franchise business our articles can help you go from knowing nothing around franchising to finding out enough to consider it as a career path for you.


Buyers should consider their personal situations, needs and goals before investing their time and money into any franchise. Some franchise businesses may be more lucrative for some than others, but that is usually based on location rather than type. It’s important to research every franchise business to determine what’s best for you. If a franchise sounds like it fits your needs and you have found a reputable brand, contact a franchisor through making an enquiry on our franchise directory to receive FREE information about the franchise for sale. The most important step after making your decision is to ask yourself: Am I ready? Franchises are not for everyone but they are certainly a great way to get into business through an established brand and also for a low fee.

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