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Why Your Golden Years Might Just be the Perfect Time to Buy a Franchise

With their experience, know-how and business contacts, entrepreneurs aged 50+ are perfectly placed to embark on a new career. Whether they’re looking for a new challenge, plan to top up their retirement pot or are simply not ready to stop working, starting a new business can give over 50s the satisfaction they’re looking for.

As franchises come with the added benefit of an established name and an extensive support network, they are the perfect choice for older people looking to launch a new career later in life. So why are more and more over 50’s buying a franchise, and could you be one of the many older entrepreneurs looking for a leg up onto the lucrative ladder?

Experience and wisdom

In the world of business, there’s no substitute for experience. People with experience have the knowhow, the expertise and the foresight to deal with problems, create solutions and drive a company forward. Older workers are also a lot less likely to panic when something goes wrong and are able to effectively deal with a range of situations and scenarios.

When starting your own franchise, you’ll need all of the knowledge and wisdom you’ve picked up over the years to make it a success. By buying a franchise in your 50s or beyond, you can give your new business a better chance of survival thanks to the experienced pair of hands at the wheel.

People who have already spent decades in the world of work will also know that setbacks and challenges don’t necessarily mean disaster, understanding that a well built business is better in the long term than a one hit wonder and that it calls for a level of professional patience for a business to begin to really thrive.

Financial backing

Once the kids have left home and are supporting themselves, you’ll find you have a lot more money in your account at the end of the month.

This provides over 50s with the perfect opportunity to buy their own franchise, using their disposable income to fund their new career and make their business a success to support themselves and their families for years to come.

Plus, as over 50s generally don’t have as many dependants as workers in their 30s and 40s, they don’t need to place as much pressure on themselves to produce fast results and instead can let their new business grow naturally and organically.

The chance to do something for themselves

After a lifetime spent working for other people and supporting a growing family, buying their own franchise gives over 50’s the chance to do something for themselves.

Having a business to build up and nurture can be incredibly rewarding, especially for entrepreneurs who have never previously been their own boss. Buying a franchise
that’s supported by an established brand also helps to lower the risk of failure, giving over 50’s buying a franchise a better chance of success.

The perfect choice for anyone over 50 who’s looking for a new challenge, buying a franchise can bring huge financial rewards and satisfaction. So if you’re thinking about making a career change or you want to make the most of your retirement, why not invest in an exciting franchise of your own?

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