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5 Franchise Marketing Strategies To Franchise Your Business

As a Franchisee you’ll probably have various proven marketing initiatives to follow but it’s a good reminder that although it’s a Franchise, it’s your business. This means over and above what else is provided for you, you must make a continuous and never ending effort on building your business for success.Any business relies on 2 critical elements for success – marketing and retention. Here’s how you can successfully achieve both.1 – Low Cost Marketing Effectively marketing your business is [...]

Bavarian Beerhouse delivers an Oktoberfest franchise

Why not enjoy a Bavarian Oktoberfest all year round? Entrepreneurs can keep the party going all year with a new franchise opportunity. The first Bavarian Beerhouse was opened in London six years ago but now the German husband-and-wife founders are seeking to expand the concept.It's a simple idea: Bavarian Beerhouse offers unique Oktoberfest entertainment including an oompah band, some yodelling, singing and dancing, as well as food and beer.Diners are served by waitresses in traditional Bavarian dresses, serving pork shanks, [...]

Local family man is all set to clean up in Sutton, Banstead and surrounding areas.

Mark Barwick is launching his own Oven Cleaning Business as part of the Oven Wizards Franchise. Mark has lived in the local area for most of his life, as he knows the area really well he believes there will be a strong demand for his services. Mark says “I was looking for a business idea that would be something I would enjoy doing and that would provide a great service to people. I came across the idea of an oven [...]

What’s Your Potential To Expand?

When considering your choice of Franchise to invest in it’s also important to look beyond the initial agreement period. It can be easy to focus just on the shorter term of launching the business and the growth and profits that can be achieved over the first few years.Most Franchise agreements are for a commitment of 5 years and these are usually renewed providing all is still well with both parties. What you must look deeper at is the longer [...]