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What Level Of Training & Support Is Included?

Taking a closer look at the training and support package of any Franchise is very important but can be left to a last minute scan after all the other things you have to consider.The Franchise prospectus or your conversations with the Franchisor should provide a detailed breakdown of everything you’ll receive. This should include what’s covered during your initial training and also the ongoing support provided to you and in what modes (face to face, online, email, etc).Because every [...]

What You Believe Can Help You Succeed

The success of running a Franchise is not just about the skills you need or perhaps previous experience but also involves passion, ambition, drive and total belief in your ability. Past experiences can significantly influence future results, especially confidence and processing positive and negative thought patterns.Belief systems are a form of labelling and create development barriers, limiting the brain to expand beyond the familiar. Self belief is a very important mentality and can help or hinder your journey as [...]

Franchise Budget Considerations

When considering a Franchise one of the areas not always fully appreciated is your own personal budget in the early stages. There are probably a few scenarios that relate to your circumstances for looking at a Franchise including…Currently employed and receive a regular salary.Taken redundancy so have a lump sum of money, but also were used to a regular income.Returning to work after a career break, and supported by one main household income.Whatever your situation it’s likely that you’ve [...]

Franchise Exhibition Success

Lots of people find great benefit in attending a Franchise Exhibition when considering a Franchise. It can be a great way to find out not just about the business but the people involved. Unless it’s a multi-national organisation there should be the opportunity to meet the Franchisor and generally get a ‘feel’ of the company’s ethos.First impressions are very important and you’ll know very quickly if it’s a good match for what you’re looking for. It’s a bit like [...]

Serve Like Dinner Depends On It!

I’m not sure if it’s the fall out of the last few years of economic tightness or whether we as a society are forgetting how to serve. My recent experiences as a customer in shops, on the telephone and in emails have left me quite shocked at the lack of customer service provided.At one point I was made to feel like the shop assistant was doing me a favour by serving me. Did she not realise my sale was [...]

What You Should Do Every 90 Days

As I write this in the month of August I feel it appropriate to raise the point of taking time out from your business.Surprisingly most business owners don’t take enough regular holidays (notice the plural). And this goes beyond the traditional annual 2 weeks in the sun, after all you don’t have to go abroad to be on holiday!Aside from the obvious rest and recuperation and of course spending quality time with your family, taking regular breaks from your [...]

Marketing Strategies for Franchise Success

If you’ve ever advertised in a magazine or printed publication then you’ll know how far ahead they plan.Most consumer magazines come out at least a month ahead of themselves and many start planning their Christmas bumper editions whilst everyone else is enjoying the summer!And big retail chains operate very similar too.After visiting family last Christmas I stopped at a service station and already their shelves were filled with Easter treats!But there’s a massive lesson to be learnt here for [...]

Effectively Handling Objections

Objections are perhaps one of the most feared points during the Franchise process. A feeling not far off the “marmite effect” – you either love or hate objections!The problem is not with the objection itself but with the perception of it.Objections can sometimes be mistaken as a positive signal, creating an awkward misunderstanding that rarely progresses the enquiry or meeting further.Objections are not buying signals but either true objections or a stalling technique. Either too much of the hard [...]