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What to Expect from a Franchise Deposit Agreement

Once you’ve decided on a Franchise, you may need to pay a deposit to secure a territory and this usually involves signing a deposit agreement.This is not to be confused with the actual Franchise agreement, which is completed later on, but is another more serious step towards the final commitment of becoming a Franchisee. At this point in the process there is often additional information disclosed that wouldn’t be available at the earlier stages like at a Discovery Day [...]

Working with a Franchise Family Survival Guide

Traditional family businesses were often handed down from generation to generation but more commonly now families choose to work together in a Franchise.This may be something they decide to jointly do together as a partnership or one or more members work in a supporting capacity such as administration, finance or customer relationship management in the business.There’s a fine line of where the family relationship ends and the business one begins and this can sometimes cause problems and ultimately affect [...]

New Oven Wizards franchisee set to clean up

Ian Glancy, a keen walker and travel enthusiast, is launching his own Oven Cleaning Business as part of the Oven Wizards Franchise. Ian has lived in the Manchester area all his life and, as he knows the area really well, believes there will be a strong demand for his services.Ian says “I was looking for a business idea that would be something I would enjoy doing and that would provide a great service to people. I came across the [...]


RIGHT at Home UK is celebrating the news that its UK office group will soon hit double figures. It's eighth office, Right at Home (Guildford and Farnham) has just opened and is already trading, much to the pride of owner Alastair Shanks and Registered Manager Hazel Butcher. And two more upcoming local owner/operators have now completed their two-week Franchisee Training Programme at the company headquarters in Preston, Lancashire, and are working towards the process of certification from the Care [...]

Maid2Clean Announces Franchisee of the Year Award 2012

Hearty congratulations went to John and Sam Allington from Maid2Clean Southend who collected the Maid2Clean Franchisee of the Year award at the annual conference on Saturday 26th May.John and Sam were delighted to win the award.Sam commented “With the hard work we have put in to the last 12 months it really has paid off. The key elements to running our successful business have finding reliable cleaners and building a good relationship with both them and our clients. It [...]

Maid2Clean selected as finalist of the BFA HSBC Franchisor Support of the year award 2012

Developments to support franchisees Technology and innovation have been the drivers that underpin Maid2Clean’s support for its franchisees. Put simply by giving them the best business tools and using clever ways to engage with the brand’s army of cleaners franchisees have an agile business model that stays competitive and attracts clients. As part of its strategy Maid2Clean has developed an array of technology-led online support tools to cushion its 108 franchisees across the UK. The tools cover everything from [...]

Sales Mistakes to Avoid

Selling mistakes affect conversion rates and cost you business.People buy you first and so first impressions are the most important. It sounds a bit clichéd and one that is so easy to ignore. One of the worst mistakes of all time is to practice your sales techniques on your prospects or customers!! Believe me, it’s done more often than you realise.1. Not listening. Talking is only part of communication, the other and more important is listening. If you are [...]

How to Boost Your Elevator Speech

An elevator speech (also known as lift speech or 2- minute pitch) is a short summary used to simply define a product, service, or business and its value proposition. The name describes the ability to deliver the summary in the time of a lift or elevator ride (around 30-120 seconds).When perfected, your elevator speech will be like a magnet to others drawing them in to want to do business with you.Grab Attention. Think of your opening statement like the [...]

5 Steps to a Successful Business Card

Promoting your business is a constant process which means you must grab every opportunity to market, network and communicate with potential clients.Some may view the business card as redundant with all the advancements in social media, technology and virtual networking, but it can still act as a very powerful and long term marketing strategy for your business.Here are the 5 little known secrets of how to keep your business card working smarter and harder for you even weeks or [...]

The Dash of Your Life

If you’ve ever procrastinated about taking action on the things you know will ultimately help you, then perhaps this might be the push you need.We all perceive things differently but recently I overheard a conversation about the small line between the birth and death date on a headstone and it really got me thinking.Now morbid thoughts aside, and unless you’ve drunk the elixir of life like Helen (Goldie Hawn) and Madeline (Meryl Streep) from the comedy film ‘Death Becomes [...]