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robertson technologies launches BFA accredited franchise

robertson technologies has brought personality and panache to the world of computer support and is offering others the chance to benefit from its approach through a newly launched management franchise scheme accredited by the British Franchise Association (BFA).Established in 2005, robertson technologies specialises in providing computer support and consultancy to SMEs and has quickly established itself as a reliable, personable and essential support service for it wide range of clients.The business is headquartered in Edinburgh and also has a [...]

Go-Kart Party Franchise launches new Karts

Go-Kart Party are delighted to announce the launch of their new and improved Go Karts which boast improved safety features, more cost-effective technology and potentially a greater return on investment.Go-Kart Party are well-practised in creating a memorable first driving experience for children, but with their enhanced Karts a Go-Kart Party has never been safer or more enjoyable and they consequently create more opportunities for an investor.Thanks to the new Printed Circuit Board (PCB), the operators have more control over [...]

Summer success for Go-Kart Party Franchise

In a climate that has been incredibly tough for many businesses, it seems the sun has been shining on Go-Kart Party as they take on an impressive number of new franchisees.Over just the summer months the thriving company have had 10 franchise sales across a wide range of regions.One of the new franchisees includes Vicki Aldridge who is already operational throughout the Chelmsford region and had already had huge success with birthday parties, shows and carnivals. “I am looking [...]