Problems with franchising

Although franchising is one of the simplest ways to expand a business it does come with its fair share of problems, these will vary but will need to be dealt with quickly and efficiently in order that a spiral effect be prevented.

Whether you are a franchisee or a franchisor, a dispute can cause an immense amount of disruption and as a result can also be costly in terms of your time and money. As a franchisor some problems which can arise cannot be planned for, this is why it is so important to make procedures to handle more common problems effectively thus freeing up your time to concentrate on other eventualities.

A franchisee needs to be reliant on his or her franchisor's efficiency in the first instance and must remember that the aim of resolution is to resolve, not to start a battle.

If all else fails in the initial stages of resolution there are sources of guidance, mediation and even arbitration available through third parties which can prove useful in the speedy resolution of an ongoing dispute.

In short, if you are unsure and do not like the way a situation is going, seek advice.

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