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Green Cleen

The Green Cleen company was formed as a partnership between an established Wheeled Bin Washing Company and a manufacturer of specialist Mobile Bin Washers.

Wheeled Bins are very effective in terms of storage and the disposal of both household and commercial rubbish. But they inevitably collect dirt and residues which omit offensive smells and allow germs to thrive. With an increased awareness of hygiene and cleanliness by the public at large, Green Cleen's business is designed to offer a low cost and regular solution to the problem.

The Bin Washers that Green Cleen provide have been developed through years of experience. They are rigorously tested for the business and are CE, Environment Agency and WRAS approved. Green Cleen's Bin Washers stand out against the competition because they totally recycle the water used in the Bin Washing Process.

The Franchise has been developed to offer a proven, but low cost, opportunity to business minded people looking to establish their own company and to start to achieve an independent income.

Green Cleen have developed the bin washing equipment and 'The System' to enable you to operate it by yourself, cutting out unnecessary wage bills until your business has grown and an assistant is then required to further develop it.

Green Cleen's Bin Washers have been designed and tested to be the leaders within this market. Simple to operate and maintain they are totally environmentally friendly and recycle all the contaminated water until discharged at a registered site.

Both Solo and Duplex units fit onto the rear of a standard Pick Up Truck and therefore ensures a ready market of low cost carrying vehicles are available to you. The unit is highly manoeuvrable and the whole process takes only 60 - 90 seconds per bin.

Green Cleen provides full professional training in both the operation of equipment, running 'The System' and the computer software, as well as practical training on an established Green Cleen round.


Initial Franchise Fee (per area): £7,500.00 (Plus VAT)
Weekly Franchise Fee (per area): £65.00 (Plus VAT)
Cost of Solo: £14,000.00 (Plus VAT)

Or Hire the Solo: £1,500.00 (Plus VAT)
Deposit: £115.00 (Plus VAT)

Cost of Duplex Option: £16,000.00 (Plus VAT)

The Franchise Fees include:

Full training
Ongoing technical and business support
Updates in business, Computer software for Green Cleen operating systems
Environmental and technical development
Bulk purchase of consumables
Use of the Green Cleen registered Trade Mark
Full Support in Franchisee's marketing and sales plans
Liaison with Franchisee's local council, Environment Agency and Waste Collection Contractor
First years free membership to National Association of Wheeled Bin Washers.

Potential Earnings

Green Cleen's Bin Washers and 'The System' they operate allows for 150 - 200 bins to be washed per day at a cost of £3.00 per wash. This means a potential earning capability of over £100,000 per year. With monthly overheads of around £1,612 you have potential profits of £90,000 or more depending on your own efforts and the time you invest into your business.

Green Clean are the winners of a coveted GREEN APPLE AWARD for 'Environmental Best Practice' and 5 Start Members of the Green Association as well as being listed as an Associate member of The British Franchise Association.

Disclaimer of financial projections
These projections (forecasts) of sales, profits and earnings are illustrative only and should not be considered or relied upon as the actual or potential sales, profits or earnings which will be realised but you. we do not quarantine nor do we represent that you will or can expect to attain any specific amount or range of sales profits or earnings from the operation of the advertised businesses. Actual results vary from operation to operation and we cannot estimate the results that any franchisee may achieve.

BFA - Associate member

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