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Would you like to buy a franchise to sell Royal Mail Sameday Services, where the formula for success is?

Innovation x People x Technology x Brand

We are The Business Services Group (BSG) and our market is the collection and delivery of goods by a dedicated sameday courier.

The Business Services Group work with Royal Mail to provide Royal Mail Sameday Services, a premium service at a competitive price to the marketplace.

The market is worth £1.05 billion each year and is primarily serviced by relatively small local courier companies who lack national brand recognition, or the ability to provide added value services and a handful of national competitors who compete for national contracts in the market.

A sameday courier service is now widely accepted to be a part of that supply chain and both national and local businesses will routinely use a sameday courier service either as a central part of the delivery solution or as a support to other delivery methods such as overnight delivery.

Royal Mail Sameday Services (RMSS) provides customers with the opportunity to increase their own efficiency and reduce costs, whilst greatly improving the level of service they receive. The RMSS service provides an “on demand” sameday courier service, available 24/7/365, that is capable of being tracked by satellite technology over the Internet from collection to delivery.

Internet Accessed Satellite Tracking Map
Internet Accessed Satellite Tracking Map

The RMSS network utilises advances in the internet, mobile computer technology and low cost communications. This is integrated with satellite tracking and a centrally based software command application system to deliver a unique and powerful service to customers.

The Franchise Business

As a BSG franchisee, you will represent and sell the RMSS service to customers within a defined territory and receive commission revenues that are generated each time a customer you have signed to an account on the network, places an order.

Business functions including operations and administration are managed centrally. Once a customer places an order, we will ensure that the order is completed by the network vehicle fleet, then pay the driver and deal with any administration that is required. Royal Mail then issue an invoice for the work completed and the franchisee who won that customer is paid a commission for that job. The central system automatically credits commission payments to an individual franchisee’s account.

Your core franchise business activity is to win new customers and to actively manage those customers to maximise revenue spend from them.

Whether you are looking to start as a one-person business from home or a larger operation employing staff, the business model offers you the flexibility to develop and grow a valuable business under the umbrella of a respected and nationally recognised brand.

Training and Support

Our comprehensive training program is designed to prepare you for launching your business effectively and establishing profitable market share from your territory and within your business plan projections.

Ongoing support from BSG’s experienced management team will ensure your business launches successfully and then develops into a profitable, growing business, with continuing professional development through a range of on-going training courses and programs.

Your franchise with The Business Services Group will entitle you to sell the Royal Mail Sameday Services customer offering within a territory defined by postcode(s) around one of the large UK cities or urban conurbations.

You will receive commission revenues from sales generated by the customers you have signed to the network for the duration of the franchise.

Net Profits

The returns are substantial in a BSG franchise but are dependant on your ability to move your business forward. We would expect a pay-back and full return on your investment in the first 18 months.

CAlculatorUnder the business model, the franchisee is not burdened by conventional overhead cost and as a result the net returns for the franchisee can be exceptional. The returns are dependant on your ability to move your business forward by winning new sales using the Royal Mail brand.



Exit Strategy

Like any business investment, you will require an exit strategy for when you decide to retire from the network and enjoy the benefits of the business you have developed. Your BSG franchise and the commission revenues received under it are transferable, meaning you may sell your franchise business to another party at any time, subject to approval of the purchasing party by BSG.


Are you an outgoing, energetic person, hungry for success?

  • Want to be your own boss - but with the benefit of Business Services Group’s business format, systems and Royal Mail’s strong branding?
  • No experience of the sameday business sector? Don’t worry, we will provide comprehensive training.
  • Afraid to go it alone? Business Services Group offers a comprehensive range of head office services including full support and back-up for your business.

We are seeking dynamic and experienced sales or business professionals with a proven track record of managing effective business processes, preferably in a service environment.

You need to be ambitious, self motivated and determined to succeed in your own business, with a minimum of £20k liquid capital.

Disclaimer of financial projections
These projections (forecasts) of sales, profits and earnings are illustrative only and should not be considered or relied upon as the actual or potential sales, profits or earnings which will be realised but you. we do not quarantine nor do we represent that you will or can expect to attain any specific amount or range of sales profits or earnings from the operation of the advertised businesses. Actual results vary from operation to operation and we cannot estimate the results that any franchisee may achieve.

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