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Although this website has detailed much of the thought and process involved in setting up, operating and even the purchase of a franchise it is always advisable to gain more advice and guidance, especially if you are new to franchising.

Franchise UK offers an array of services to Franchisors and Franchisees and can work on a variety of fee structures to suit any budgets, simply contact us for more information.

Franchise set up

When starting your franchise business you must set up your business in such a way that it can operate both the pilot operation and the franchise operation in tandem, you may also need to change certain aspects of your business model to accommodate new franchisees and the day to day operating of their franchise businesses.

Franchise UK can assess you current business in terms of its general running, viability and franchisabilty before you even launch or begin putting your franchise together and as a follow on to this service we will even help you to make any changes to you internal workings and methods to ensure your franchise launch goes without a hitch.

Franchise Agreements

Every franchise needs a franchise agreement, without this important document you may find yourself without any protection, thus any business at all.

Whist Franchise UK is unable at this stage to put your agreement together under English Law we can assist you with the thought process that you will need to go through before you even instruct a solicitor.

For example, how do you want to charge your franchisees, are they having specific or predefined territories, what renewal or termination terms do you want to be in place, all of the questions can be answered with our assistance and guidance, to ensure that you have the best possible agreement in place before you launch your franchise business.

Franchise operations

The day-to-day, internal and external franchise operations and procedures adopted under them must be carefully planned before you recruit your first franchisee. Its is possible that some of these may change as you develop your business, but better to have a plan to change, then no plan at all.

Franchise UK, will research how you run your business, suggest any changes to the procedures and operations currently in place, and then help you to create new procedures to support your growing franchise network.

Networking and promotions.

You are probably aware that yours is not the only business to offer a franchise opportunity in the United Kingdom, but you may be surprised to learn that cooperation between franchisor's is becoming more and more common.

This cooperation could be anything from meetings to discuss each respective franchises, or lead exchanges and additional, joint marketing. In time Franchise UK will be arranging mini seminars for franchise business owners to meet and discuss their own experiences with each other, for now, Franchise UK can offer guidance in networking throughout the franchise community, and may be able to put you in touch with other franchise business owners.

Promoting your franchise through others, or at the many franchise exhibitions that take place throughout the year can also be beneficial to your franchise business, promotions can also be extremely useful to increasing new business generation for franchisees and Franchise UK can offer advice and guidance on which event may suit your business best, and how and when to attend them.

Operating Manual compilation

As with a Franchise Agreement, an Operating Manual will need to be created prior to the release of your franchise opportunity. This Operating Manual is vital to the success of your franchisee's business and will often mean the difference between a franchisee calling you for support, or not needing to because your manual provides an easy point of reference for them.

An Operating Manual should be written by a person with an outside view of the company, this will mean that it will answer the questions that a newcomer to your business is most likely to have, whilst explaining the methods involved in your business operation, in a simple, easy to understand format.

Franchise UK, will research your business methods and procedures on your behalf, then create a first proposal of the sections and sub sections putting these procedures into a clear and precise order, from this point we will create a draft Operating Manual, including new additions to procedures and the business model and method.

Following this we will work closely with you on each section and subsection ensuring any amendments are accurate until we reach a final agreed Operating Manual ready for release to your newly recruited franchisees.

In addition to this, you may also require an Internal Operating Manual for use by your franchise staff in order that they may fully understand and be competent in the day-to-day operations involved with a franchise business. Franchise UK is equally happy to assist you with the creation, or create an Internal Operating Manual on your behalf.

Mediation and dispute resolution

It is important that you have clear and precise methods of dispute resolution in place ready for any eventuality, Franchise UK can help you with putting these in place, and can even test out how your staff will react to any given situation by placing them on our specially designed and tailored training courses.

Unfortunately immediate resolution may not be possible in every situation and you may have to instruct additional services from non-related and agreed third parties. Whilst Franchise UK can only put you in contact with companies that handle arbitration we are able to offer dispute mediation services to Franchisee and Franchisor in an attempt to resolve matters before they progress to more stressful and time consuming actions.

Residential and ongoing training development

Franchise UK can assist you in the creation of your franchise training and ongoing development programs for your newly recruited franchisees, existing franchisees and even your internal franchising staff, to ensure your business has the best possible start, always remember, knowledge is the key.

From induction training, to additional support training, Franchise UK can be of assistance and can even offer to conduct your first few franchise training courses on your behalf, helping you to ensure your staff are fully competent in the actual methods of training and development used by your company.

Internal operation

As we have already mentioned we at Franchise UK believe that knowledge is the key to the success of your franchise business, this also includes the knowledge that you and your staff have; therefore we offer internal operating guidance such as Internal Operating Manuals and franchise training courses.

Ethical franchising

In keeping with any Associate Memberships, Franchise UK also offers guidance to franchisor's on how to create and maintain an ethical franchise business. This includes operating within the confines of the European Code of Ethics.

Business planning

An important part of any business, whether you are a franchisee or a franchisor, is to create and keep to a business plan. We can assist you with your business goals and business planning from the early stages of launching your business to the later development stages.

We offer a full business advice and planning service to our clients using one of the most up to date business planning programs available.

Funding proposals

Franchiso's or franchisees may require additional funds to launch their business fully, and it can be difficult to gain additional funds if you are in the early stages of business development.

Franchise UK offer help and guidance with funding proposals to ensure you have the best possible chance of getting the cash in your business that you need.


How do you know which advert will work best for your franchise opportunity, which media can you rely on, what style of advertisement do you use and how do you handle and follow up your franchise enquiries.

Franchise UK will help you to make the right decision quickly and efficiently, saving you all important time and money in the initial stages of launching your franchise, we will assist you with communication strategies for contacting and following up your prospects and can even help you to create a strategy for your franchisees initial launch and ongoing marketing.


Franchise UK can offer you advise and guidance in the recruitment of your franchise network, from the creation of your pitch kit to the forming of the procedures involved with signing a franchisee and granting territories.

We even have links with specialist recruitment companies and consultants who can conduct your franchise meetings for you on your behalf, or simply introduce you to a greater number of prospects.

Find a franchise

This service is offered to those seeking a franchise business opportunity but simply do not have the time or resources to spend hours ploughing through the hundreds of franchises available in today's market, or even talking to franchisor's when they are making routine follow up calls. We simply handle everything for you, presenting only franchise opportunities that match your requirements.

Once you have decided on an opportunity that interests you, we then complete the process, and arrange for your to meet with the franchisor at a mutually convenient time and date.

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