What You Believe Can Help You Succeed

Posted on: 08/10/2012

The success of running a Franchise is not just about the skills you need or perhaps previous experience but also involves passion, ambition, drive and total belief in your ability. Past experiences can significantly influence future results, especially confidence and processing positive and negative thought patterns.

Belief systems are a form of labelling and create development barriers, limiting the brain to expand beyond the familiar. Self belief is a very important mentality and can help or hinder your journey as a Franchisee. To enable you to take charge of the rollercoaster of emotions you must believe you can succeed and go beyond what you think. What you currently believe is not real anyway, it’s the culmination of past labels, judgements and experiences that create ‘learned helplessness’ which you can overcome to skyrocket your personal and career aspirations.

Reflect on this for inspiration!

How a Twig Stops an Elephant.

The story goes… a young elephant living in captivity is tied to a tree with a strong rope or a chain. Instinctively it tries everything to break free but isn’t strong enough and finally gives up struggling. It tried and failed many times and will never try again. When the elephant is fully grown, it’ll be tied to a small tree with a thin rope. It could simply free itself, but its mind has been conditioned by the past and doesn’t even try. The huge elephant carries the limitations of the past.

Release yourself from past thoughts, feelings of emotions and know that you have the ability within you to achieve all you desire. The only limitation is self limitation and whilst you’re still thinking you can’t, others are getting on with achieving great success – you can too!

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