What Level Of Training & Support Is Included?

Posted on: 17/09/2012

Taking a closer look at the training and support package of any Franchise is very important but can be left to a last minute scan after all the other things you have to consider.

The Franchise prospectus or your conversations with the Franchisor should provide a detailed breakdown of everything you’ll receive. This should include what’s covered during your initial training and also the ongoing support provided to you and in what modes (face to face, online, email, etc).

Because every Franchise model is different the training and support will be individual depending on the business and industry. But here are a few essentials that should always be present for you to maximise the opportunity and your investment.

Live training. This can be anything from a few days to a few weeks depending on the business, industry and Franchise structure. Watch out for any additional costs you may have to consider during this initial training such as accommodation, food, etc.

Online training. Although the live training will provide you with all the hands on instruction and guidance it’s likely you’ll need additional post-training reminders. This may be in the form of a Franchisee online support area on a website, for example. Check what else is being provided after the initial live attendance.

Support. It’s always best to closely examine the details of the complete support package to ensure you are fully aware of what it will mean for you long term. Everything should be fully detailed with specifics so always question the Franchisor if you’re not totally clear. For example, if the support is provided by phone, is this unlimited, a regular scheduled call and will it continue this way for the duration of the agreement?

Additional training. Sometimes Franchisors provide additional training on sales, marketing, social media, business coaching, etc. Check closely whether this is included in your overall investment or if there are any additional costs you need to consider.

Operations Manual. You should be presented with this during your initial training and is quite literally your blueprint for day to day running of the business. From time to time it may require updating to keep in line with legislation or business development, check if there’ll be any additional costs.

Generally all your training and support should be included in your initial investment and should be regular and readily available. A Franchisor knows that their success is measured by the achievements of their Franchisees, so it’s always in their best interests to fully support you.

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