Effectively Handling Objections

Posted on: 10/09/2012


Objections are perhaps one of the most feared points during the Franchise process. A feeling not far off the “marmite effect” – you either love or hate objections!

The problem is not with the objection itself but with the perception of it.

Objections can sometimes be mistaken as a positive signal, creating an awkward misunderstanding that rarely progresses the enquiry or meeting further.

Objections are not buying signals but either true objections or a stalling technique. Either too much of the hard sale, or information deficient – we love to buy but hate to be sold.

Most objections occur because of the lack of fertile ground upon which an agreement can occur including: Too much or too little information. Lack of rapport. Wrong questions asked, inappropriate body language, and poor communication. Not aligning to their needs and aspirations.

Change your perception of objections into opportunities and how you deal with them will change too. An objection is simply providing you with a greater opportunity to connect and work with that person to a more positive outcome.

An objection is: An opportunity to really know what is going on in your prospect’s mind. The chance to understand their needs, wants, desires and fears that’s driving their decision at that moment. A real question in disguise.

An objection should not be resisted, or invoke a reaction but embraced to align with your prospect to redirect their thoughts and emotions.

Here are 5 powerful ways to prevent objections:

1. Build a strong level of RAPPORT. 2. Use TEST CLOSES. 3. Use tools of influence such as RECIPROCATION. 4. Use CONTRAST. 5. Kill it whilst it is still SMALL.

Handle your prospect’s objections successfully by demonstrating you are on their side. You can influence a person more when they feel you care, when they believe you are like them and when they are convinced you are communicating from an intelligent position – not just to get the sale.

Objections are important but you must find out WHY they are objecting. These reasons will enable you to understand your prospect much better and will be the same reasons that will elicit the most positive outcome for you both.

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